Sina hovering between Facebook and MySpace

1 portal community integration road

for the portal, community integration is a problem, but in order to better increase user adhesion, but also have to do. Take Sina as an example. In community interactive products, there are forums, circles, blogs, Sina and so on. These products accumulated in the past, no doubt can not be directly replaced by new community products. So last year, Sina launched the MySpace version of sina space, the original interactive products aggregated into the space home.

this time, with the trend of the launch, Facebook version of sina space, in the nature of the product has not done much change, is still interactive products aggregated into the space home. The only change is the addition of the app platform, which adds to the almost trite application of buying and selling friends and parking spaces. (of course, copy’s basically mature product is Sina’s consistent style.)

, however, the only difference between the fully developed app and its own community development capabilities is the preparation of the open app platform for the future. From Sina’s usual style, they want to open app platform, must be in the school, the 51 platform has been obtained from certain interests, and has cultivated a large number of app developers, and this process will slow in 1 years.

2 people’s media

Internet allows ordinary users to have a certain voice, individuals will begin the media of the road. From the forum, to blogs, to space products, and to Facebook products, the return of relationships between users. So far we are still unable to Myspace and Facebook in the future.; in my opinion, Myspace and Facebook belong to SNS a little while, but the role of MySpace media attention to the individual, social role and focus more on personal facebook.

3 hovers between Facebook and MySpace,

, no matter how it develops, Sina can not throw away the role of media. So even when it launched Facebook-like products and started building app platform models, I still thought it would take the MySpace Road, not the Facebook road. We can not because of the layout or app applications that sina wants to do Facebook, the key is whether it is more concerned about the user’s media role or social role.

4, to say the old saying: "Facebook is SNS, SNS is not just Facebook.". This cannot be deduced backwards.

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