Sunspots personal station operators, local decoration site experience

in August last year, a report in the Tencent mentioned in the article some worked in the Tencent senior department employees are now doing what, after recognizing the China oligarchs trend of the Internet, some of them from the Internet, some find some big companies cannot take into account the industry of their own, one of the managers after leaving founded a decoration site, this also indirectly shows that the decoration of the foreground of the website.

spot in the Internet mix for so many years, also did not mix what tricks, but recently run a decoration site or a slight experience, before taking up decoration network on the Internet for a long time did not find a related decoration site operation experience, today by the Admin5 platform, to explore some of the local industry operation station the skills with everyone, especially some methods and skills of the individual operators local decorate website.

keyword optimization policy:

because this article is mostly to the grassroots webmaster to see, sunspot itself is a free root, so according to the actual situation, we must first choose early to do some long tail keywords, these words are relatively easy to make up, and then carefully search most prospective customers. According to my experience, in a municipal city, can do three or four long tail keywords, the daily IP can reach about one hundred, you can talk about customers. As for what to do long tail keywords, how to do long tail keywords, everybody SEO master certainly more than I know, I will not repeat the details.

The attraction of

websites to owners:

at the time of this writing thought, this article after everyone will certainly have a lot of doubts, decorate website now everywhere, each city will have several, where it would be so easy to do, sunspots smiling without a word here, do I have to tell you is a decoration City real estate in addition to the largest search industry? Do I have to tell you a city decoration station can have millions of profit? Do I have to tell you some nationwide decoration website each city sub station is joined? Do I have to tell you all that you will understand yourself to think? First of all to do the decoration must stand out of the ordinary, not just propaganda decoration company, released some preferential information, and then attract the owners to bid and earn profit. This model has been used rotten, want to have a promising future of their own, we must consider what you can do for the owners, the people who have the world, this sentence in the Internet industry is no longer applicable.

questions about the originality of the site:

decoration site must be original content most, because after we released each article at the owners and decoration companies will have an impression on the website, perhaps other website you can send false original, even semantic unsmooth are no problem, but want to do local decoration station, you false original 100 harm and no benefit. One day, 100IP is profitable, and every IP’s impression of you is worth fighting for.

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