What does your website rank by


wrote the article, I asked a question, hoping everyone could think about it carefully and then get into the text. A5, most of them are webmaster, have one or more websites, I want to ask you a question, that is: what is your website ranking,


‘s answer to this question is difficult to answer and easy to answer. Difficult is difficult to know in many people, but do not know how to express, but even do not know how to achieve. Say he is easy, in fact, mastered some basic SEO skills, also can quickly let a website ranking rise. But what exactly is the ranking of a website? I’ll give you a brief explanation of my personal views. If you say something bad, please make a detour. Don’t hit me with a stone. Ha ha…

first: locate the site and clear the target

first of all, to locate their own web site, to clear their own web site, what information is provided mainly to what kind of crowd. The choice of keyword must be careful, because this is directly affect your site ranking of the first element. If you choose the wrong keywords may lead to less effective. Here does not explain how to choose their own key words, many tutorials online have similar articles, and go on to study it.

second: well constructed and fresh in content

believes that everyone knows that a well structured web site in Baidu and GOOGLE has a good collection. Therefore, we must carefully compile the contents of the web site, directory and file structure. A good site structure allows search engines to enjoy your site plus, the most important thing is to maintain a certain amount of fresh articles every day, of course, the original better. Like the A5 station, the content is fresh every day. Will lead to long-term spider care. Because the spider is Xixinyanjiu guy, he love the fresh air, drink fresh blood, eat fresh flesh.

third: be sure of the website title

if the eyes are the windows of the soul, so, I think the title is "the first prize. For articles, good titles can interest readers in the work. But for websites, good titles can boost your rankings. So, how to accurately grasp the title of your website, is affecting your site ranking of a very important job.

fourth: station link, interoperability,

‘s effect on the inner chain, needless to say, everyone knows its importance. One is helpful to improve the efficiency of the search engine on the web crawling index, are included to the website. A good website linking strategy can promote the ranking of the website, and how to effectively build the internal links of your website, which requires some skills. For example, in the article content page, list articles related to it, popular articles, recommended articles, random articles, TAG, previous articles, and the next article, all of which are internal links to the web site. This is easy to add

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