Rookie webmaster most likely to commit fatal illness

may be a lot of people are attracted by my title, but after reading, most people regret, and a small number of people do not regret it.

Title: rookie webmaster most likely to commit a fatal problem? Many newcomers with an anxious rush in to find the answer, but found this article on their useless, dark scold the idiotic.

when I told everyone in the same mood, always want others to be able to give a clear and all the way to help you do stand up as soon as possible, but the actual results are: more than 50% of the webmaster friends not earn 10 fen. Miserable,


first said that failing to make the webmaster friends (including me), most of the time is spent in meditation, hope to be able to think of an angelic idea, let oneself overnight become someone like Pang Shengdong, graph king. Ideas come out a lot, pictures today, consultation tomorrow, and then categories…… So, less than half a month, the domain name of five or six applications, using CMS improvise do five or six stations, to the end, it is found that each station traffic is poor dozens of. Give me an example of myself. At present, I have no more than 10 domains. Many websites that I can open are listed for you to read:

1 and 51 beauty nets (;

2, Jiaxing local network (;

, 3 Duke (;

4 and English station (;


actually quite a lot, but even the frame did not take completely, so I’m sorry to list it out.

friends, do not scold me for advertising, writing articles, more or less a little soft character. However, these are the heart of the heart, but also a lot of friends will make mistakes.

says the meaning I think many predecessors have experienced, also wrote a similar article told us the younger generation should pay attention to, but many of my friends like me, will can’t help to make these mistakes. I hope you can according to their actual situation, choose one or two good themes, stick to it, maybe success is waiting for you in front.

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