Switch product layout ideas and discuss why users buy your product

recently I have been observing a website, the website in the hundreds of index in the top five, but all the pages of the site click rate is not high, not to mention the conversion rate? We look a tour.

which the daily traffic of more than 200


from the map we can see that the tour is only 4, which is still in the first page of the home page, why is a daily independent IP more than 200 of the site tour is so low?.

why does this site fail:


one, there is no advisory opinion inside the website, customer service

as a guest of Taobao product site, website no advice service which can be said to be the most important reason for the failure of the website, after the user enters the site see this picture, what the user to click on, this is a bubble like the site, users see this website the first advertising map you will feel tired, wanted to consult customer service, customer service and the user naturally disappointed.

two, this picture is not designed properly,

from the color collocation, the picture color is not reasonable, from the word layout for this picture did not tell the customer need the content, what is the transaction, where to buy? What is the guarantee, which is an important factor in this picture failed, hope to get to know the user is high quality and inexpensive goods. This picture can not explain what, why should the user click to enter the


three, why do you say that your product is better than others


is now the product market competition is very large, and the website at what point you are better than others? If we really want to be recognized by the user, then add the corresponding words and words necessary guarantee is very necessary, and this site is not, from my friends regardless of our suggestions in the sale of a product which is: must bring the advantages and disadvantages of products show in front of the user, allowing users to feel that you are better than others.

face competition, how do the webmaster,


we need to improve the page collocation effect, will be the site of the product into the entire page, this is to solve the user’s psychological reflection, users love watch are natural pages, so no matter when we do what products have to learn some of the spirit of A5, so that the entire page looks is one, so it can ensure the user on the site visit our products or content.

then we need to solve the user why buy website products this, so here we have a specific description of the products, the number is not too much, the best 25-35 words, is the industry’s leading role is leading these are to explain, for example, this product is to soak the foot, then we it can be said that he is global: >

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