The amount of web browsing that leads to sales needs to be done well

in site promotion process, especially the marketing website based website promotion, website sales is very unstable, sometimes 50 visitors will bring an order, sometimes 500 hits will bring an order, what is the reason for this is 10 times the gap? This time, good at learning the enterprise website should share method according to its own website and Internet operations experience is summarized, of course, let the site guide into sales, need to do these basic things.

gets traffic

in the mobile Internet era, web site traffic way more, but, in effect, take the initiative to ask the user to the user and to promote sales, the former leads to more likely, in fact, this is a problem, that is the site to get the Everfount flow.

Where does the

traffic come from? Send a link to a website in QQ. You can bring traffic, send a mail with a link, and you can also bring traffic to a website. In the authoritative web site to send a high-quality web link press releases, but also to bring traffic to the site. Good keywords optimization, the user through the search engine search related content, web keywords optimization is good, can also bring traffic.

obviously, there are a lot of ways to get traffic on the website. These methods will improve the traffic of the website, but it can not guarantee the quality of the traffic. Through the practice, come through the natural flow of the general search engine users more accurate probability, therefore, can be found to your site in the major search engines, including Google, Baidu, 360, the best description contains the site keywords, when the customer may find your site in time search and input keywords, can also be on the site to provide quality or related information, in order to encourage customers to visit our website in the next. This is also the reason why SEO search engine optimization has always been prosperous.

do the fundamental purpose of website SEO optimization, is "waiting for user home, usually so users are holding a special purpose to the users are accurate, the content of the website and the service is good, can significantly improve the website sales.

has a decoy,

some people say that the Internet is the most expensive thing free, some people get free from business, the Internet has broken the past natural for people to acquire knowledge and resources, many users are looking for some love free stuff through the network, some deceptive phishing site is to seize the user the psychological and match up to deceive.


can not solve the user of this website "mind"? Since there are a lot of resources available to users, so that enterprises can also be through their own website on the Internet resource accumulation and analysis of target users through large data is good, can try on the website to provide some free services or anything, too you can send mail.

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