Share the mental journey of the company’s website construction over the past year

as the company website management, comprehensive index SEO the day before yesterday morning to open the habit of Webmaster Tools query the official website of the company results, I’m a little surprised and very surprised, keyword rankings are back, a bit not believe my own eyes, one by one query the other peer sites included and ranking, found in Baidu last night on the website ranking of the larger update, many before ranking or no top ranking websites also have good rankings, this is really a good day to give us an unexpected gift.

many old customers know, our company website in June last year to re register the new domain name, and carried out a new website revision design, in late August formally launched. Prophase, because oneself busy customer company website construction and maintenance work, do not have too much time and mind, considering their own web site, but also time to make out. At that time, the company’s management team held several web communication meetings, collect opinions and benefit by mutual discussion, ideas, how will the site build industry website quality, how to consider how web site optimization, website construction planning and post column, how to maintain and website promotion are analyzed and discussed in detail. Finally, the person in charge of the complex of our proposals and views, and the development of peer companies and Internet trends, the website is now the style and architecture, then do it, overall we are very satisfied, but with the development of the company to upgrade service constantly, we will improve our website timely. Look at the site included, Baidu snapshot, external links that anti chain index has shown a good development status is also rising, gave us a great affirmation and encouragement, I believe there is a return, constantly sum up and accumulate, and constantly learning, we have the best overall performance of the network station.

website construction is the most important work in the operational phase, the basic stage, of course, our previous site planning and website design. Comparison of website operation stage contains things, regularly update the website each column content information, improve the local details, and regularly check the comprehensive index analysis of the website, the website Links peer exchange, and persevere do external links construction, timely network promotion and marketing, so that is a continuous and arduous in the process, every step, will have the user experience and search engines to help web site ranking, and service better reflected, increase the competitiveness of the website and brand image.


website during the promotion and maintenance, how will encounter many problems, will also have a surprise performance, will let you have worry about the occurrence situation, this time the test mentality and the way we deal with things, which I have personal experience. Since last year, the site is just on the line, because the new effect, keywords have good rankings, but maintain a few months, the site appears the first serious drop right phenomenon, also is the site that you sandbox is a concrete manifestation of the website not updated snapshot, ranking drop straight line, is not stable the phenomenon of "

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