Optimization of K station is too soft Huitianzhili

accidental contact to the webmaster of this industry, I also like many webmaster, first a small blog, or hung in a portal on the site, in the QQ signature and data are written on its own blog address, even friends, ask a question, to the software, also the first to blog in the address to send them! Was originally very silly very naive


to flow and costly, the original blog almost made the download station mode, what software are put up, without considering whether the server can bear! The first is Z-blog, personal feel good about SEO optimization is also very simple, is the title of the page mentioned in front of classification and the web site, just by chance in the forum to see, other keywords, description, title, what ALT did not change, utterly ignorant of, in retrospect, that’s when the search ranking is good


first let me start Wangzhuan is Ali mother, just started advertising overwhelming, does not want to see you when you build blog don’t want to make money, so there is no suitable template advertising, only in some position casually placed, not to this concept! Ali mother’s income is not much, but let me feel the real Wangzhuan began, ready for the second


second website is a beauty picture stand, have to say, pictures of the station flow up is really fast, IP0 to IP5000, the global ranking to the rapid development of 48W, did not spend much time looking for some of the so-called SEO article, serious and their site comparison, a start effect is well, even in the Baidu search AV actress shot in the top 4 in YAHOO search inside, Chinese, website search and text titles have some words are on the right side, and some other text titles more closely linked words, basic Baidu first. Unfortunately, YAHOO started to K good times don’t last long, until the station included for 1, this time I’m not too late, not to regard it as right, but become aggravated, a month after Baidu also started K station, start is not home, then more and more pages on Baidu disappear! This time began to panic, see people everywhere the tutorial, in response to remedy or irreparable! This time can be said the basic site finished, I let it go, delete the home, stop updating. Ha ha, did not expect is to delete the home page for more than a month, perhaps it is Google hit the PR update, PR from 3 to 0. What is unexpected is that after the website is opened again, the day IP still has more than 2000, 3000,


gave up, I want to start from the new web site http://s.xmmnw.cn has not formally launched, the template is still testing, I hope you can give some advice!


said so much, just want to say, SEO optimization really can not overdo, of course, the so-called >!

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