Those successful products teach us about WEB design

        What Successful Products Teach Us About Web Design

, as we all know, Web design is a process that requires constant polishing and modification, but over design is not good for the product. Design is the foundation of the product. Once the design is finished, a new version of the product is born. At the beginning of the product, Web was designed as a newborn, very vulnerable and vulnerable to attack. But as it grows, it becomes stronger and stronger. In the meantime, redesigning a web site has no meaning; on the contrary, it can only prove the incompetence of a designer.

design products, through continuous version upgrades to improve the product, of course, each upgrade will bring more or less difficult. But in this, we can also learn more or less experience.

first, let’s look at some examples:

you know how many versions of Iphone have been released since 2007. The answer is one, and only two adjustments have been made. How many Android versions of Motorola mobile phones are available on the market? 13? Do not include old models

do you know how many versions of Mini Coppery have been designed? Since 1959, it has only been perfected in the initial version of the brave design. How many versions of the TOYOTA corolla from 1967? The 19 edition,


Zippo has been maintaining his appearance since 1933, without changing

removes market, technical specifications, and hardware factors. For example, Iphone, Mini, copper, and Zippo products have been able to achieve such success because of their excellent design. Their excellent design benefits from three factors: the designer, the insistence on the design scope, and the insistence on the design iteration. The reasons for these examples can also help us with web design. In this article, we’ll summarize what we can learn from these successful products,

The ability of



, Zippo, lighters, have, remained, elegant, and, reliable, time

, through

, do you believe your instincts? You should believe that when you see a design, you should judge him in a second. We know our own preferences, even though we may not be able to express them. This is the philosophy of beauty. It is a philosophy of unity and harmony. It is not magic. It comes from the specific principles that designers follow

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