China’s nternet venture five points of pain

China’s Internet start-ups surging, attracting countless circles have invested in the network of entrepreneurial army. But in the real network entrepreneurs who have seen the presence of the surface of the worries. Faced with the era of Internet entrepreneurs, we need to reflect on.

plagiarismWe found that


burned investors money, for the customer to pay, not to create value for the company or sell listed for disk access man. Burn cast unhealthy Internet entrepreneurship values. Rely on subsidies to grab the user, sweep the code to send gifts this way to push the Internet that is also not sticky. All over the world to find target customers is to have the user share a beautiful, then to attract investment, and then burn, burn mode into a vicious circle, can go out to the enterprise but less water chestnut.




monopoly, start from the track with this year with the eldest, the wind blew a year. The first two are merged, which makes it harder for other small and medium enterprises to survive, the lack of competitive business environment, consumers and small and medium enterprises to pay sooner or later. Among them, BAT is the manipulator behind the monopoly.

BAT has become synonymous with China’s Internet capitalism, the intention to monopolize the vertical track, prompting China to accelerate the monopoly of the Internet into the capitalist stage, entrepreneurs and BAT have an equal right to speak. BAT investment in the breakdown of the track on a number of other companies that do not have the opportunity to have a lot of vertical track. Recently, a piece of this is exactly the point: Ali – give me traffic, you are my. Baidu – give you flow, I will control you. Tencent – to recommend

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