Tonglu initiatives inviting national innovation and Entrepreneurship

in business, entrepreneurs is one of the key factors, some now held throughout the entrepreneurial activity and introduced the relevant measures is to join venture in order to attract some entrepreneurs, in Zhejiang Tonglu county held a talent in science and technology week.

2015 "Junshan Park" talent in science and technology week starts today, Zhejiang County of Tonglu province a number of initiatives inviting national innovative talents in.

These include:

talent week will be held high-level overseas talents of innovation and Entrepreneurship Project fair, Chinese health industry development seminar, "the promotion of scientific and technological achievements – technology needs cooperation docking, talent agglomeration exploration and innovation and entrepreneurship promotion and other 23 series of activities. In order to implement the "Zhaocaiyinzhi" one project ", to enhance the scientific and technological talents in Tonglu, the transformation and upgrading of economic and social development in support of the leading role." Tonglu county Party Secretary Mao Xihao said.

The opening ceremony of

"Chinese Small and micro businesses today also established the club". Club by the Tonglu County People’s government and the China Youth newspaper cooperation, relying on KAB Entrepreneurship Education (China) project jointly established. The winners of the entrepreneurial enterprises to become the first member of the club, in addition to the trophy certificate, also with the Tonglu county human resources and Social Security Bureau signed a "letter of intent" and settled in the local landing, you can get 30 thousand yuan venture fund and Venture Park 3 years free right to use.

"power, the mass innovation entrepreneurship." Zhou Zhenghongjian, director of human resources and Social Security Bureau of Tonglu County

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