The second China nternet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest held

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, all over the country at all levels of government to provide various preferential policies of entrepreneurship at the same time, a variety of related games has been carried out, not only is to inspire, also can give the outstanding entrepreneurs more awesome support.

wearing a helmet can be close contact with Terracotta Army, mobile phones can monitor the growth of the bean sprouts at home…… Yesterday, the second session of the "Chinese Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition competition in Tianjin province and Tianjin city in 2016 to promote college entrepreneurship competition will be held in the North day soft business college, a group of making innovation project "brain hole wide open competition.

it is understood that the project includes "Internet plus" modern agriculture, manufacturing, information technology services, business services, public services, social entrepreneurship and other six types, all items will be according to the stages of the venture investment and has been divided into the creative group, start-up group and growth group.

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contest held soon to get the result, and this contest will be held, not only to select good business opportunities, but also to let the local business enterprise obtains the better development of the local economy, make Tianjin a greater degree.

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