The novice must know the toy store purchase skills

With the advent of the era of

child, also let the development of many related industries is very fast, the toy industry is very rapid development of the industry, the toy store to purchase, this problem has been to allow the operator to a headache, because the product quality will directly affect the business of good and bad, so the owner dare not purchase. In this article, the small group to share the toy store purchase tips, you want to set up shop inspiration, look at it together!

one, to know what their customers like

new entrants into the toy shop owner, first to the toy wholesale market, all of a sudden see so many good and cheap goods, without hesitation – into. The results go back to a sale to find their toy products do not meet their own customer base, profit and inventory can be estimated to the. So the eyes of the toy owner must be accurate, to know who to sell their toys, their customers like what kind of toys. Any piece of merchandise to see in the wholesale market, to think about, what is this age of love, whether in their shop will sell and so on, with these problems in order to make the purchase outpost, not blindly, into their products to the toy store. Know what their customers like products, in order to obtain the market, and the market recognized goods is the guarantee of profit,.

two, try to find the source supplier

the same toy, in two different toy wholesale market, the wholesale price is likely to double. Why is this? The toy market jump goods is very common now, because the manufacturers pricing and production of this toy is certainly the cheapest, other wholesalers may purchase and wholesale, even after several times sold wholesale, the price will continue to rise. Therefore, to find the toy factory is very important, so you can reduce the intermediate link in the purchase, direct cost reduction. If you are selling cheap toys, the price advantage is more important, because the purchase price decided your store is competitive.

but find their own manufacturers procurement, if it is the first test, a small amount of procurement, manufacturers will not give you a lower price of large customers, so how to do? The best way to do this is to combine a number of toy shop owners who have no conflicts of interest. Such a one-time purchase quantity is relatively large, more easily and suppliers to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers, there is a lower market price can be purchased into the same toys on the market. Although sometimes only a few dollars to purchase, but the impact on retail is also very large.

three, the toy listed first, with the opportunity to lock the customer

any time to do business, if the goods can be done more than anyone else listed, then there will be more customers. How to buy a toy store? The main purpose of the toy shop is to compete

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