Trough traditional catering where to go

we know that the current economic downturn, soaring prices, fierce competition in the industry, the evolution of the contradiction between cost and profit is increasingly fierce, the traditional food and beverage market has been a great impact. The emergence of a new type of catering requirements of young people, as well as a series of changes in the environment, such as urban complex catering settled, leading to the catering industry is facing a new round of reshuffle. Insiders said that the development of the catering industry has entered a ten year low".

"high-end catering attendance reached 70%, will begin to profit. This type of food and beverage is now reduced by more than 60%, how can it not be a loss?" A food and beverage industry insiders, not long ago, he and his friends went to a high-end restaurant to eat, 3 people spent $more than and 200, the waiter also let sit into the private room, the attitude of the average consumer is much better."

Vice president of

"at present is really large catering industry adjustment period." Fan Shengwu said that in the past the phenomenon of luxury catering enterprises are slowly adjusting, catering industry from the dishes, prices, business models are becoming more rational. At the same time, the catering industry is facing high rents, high labor, high raw material costs, a variety of taxes and fees, the current situation of low profit margins. Rent in the past ten years has almost gone up by a factor of four or five; only a good food in last year, the overall level of wages rose by more than 39% in 2011, the cost of raw materials is a record high. Restricted by various factors, the decline in food and beverage industry is inevitable, there is no sense of the characteristics of some products and services to close the store closed became inevitable."

and the hall since opening, has been walking the high-end route. Today, and the hall was renamed Danjiangkou Museum of fish, the previous high-end dishes are all replaced by mass dishes.


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