Operating a number of important restaurant magic

The operation method of

can make the correct store business better, has a great influence on many people in business when doing business on the wrong way after business, due to improper operation, a lot of the restaurant business is very poor, in view of this situation, entrepreneurs should be brave to face, to find solutions to reverse the current situation, let my own restaurant. Back to life. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to reverse this situation? This paper made a detailed introduction, with Xiaobian to see it.

one, how to manage the restaurant is the key. The name of the restaurant can not be too large, otherwise easy to discourage the guests. If you are just a little cheap good restaurants will name up as hotel like, I believe that many customers do not want to consume your store. Therefore, the name of the restaurant to meet their own restaurant standards.

two, the target customer base must be clear, what kind of customers do you need to consume the food and beverage department? These customers’ consumption concept, dining preferences. Find the needs of these customers.

three, the image of the restaurant is very important. The most important thing for people to eat is not only the delicious food, but also the health and atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant must make the front bright at night, should pay attention to in front of the lighting, do not use the cool light, light moderate, not eye-catching, can give people a comfortable feeling.

four, the service staff of the restaurant is a big reason why the customer is satisfied with your restaurant. The waiter is also very important, it is recommended not to figure cheap, it is best to become a hand, people should be kind, diligent, not too long too good, some of the temperament on the line. If a restaurant, although the food is good, but the service personnel serving very slowly, and not to treat customers also believe that customers are not kind, love to your restaurant.

five, operating a restaurant, or to "food" to attract customers. Chefs do not have to please expensive, have their own specialty dishes, to attract the taste of the masses of consumers, you can.

six, often out of the house to eat, not a student is an ordinary wage earners, therefore, the price of a restaurant is also very important, do not put too high a price, the first fair poly popularity, money is not earned one day.

seven, the environment is a good restaurant consumers like to go. For the environment, go to other peers to see, from the environment and services, dishes up feeling analysis.

eight, let more customers know your restaurant, your restaurant is likely to increase the consumer. Publicity, to carry out a full range of publicity, the advantages and disadvantages of food and beverage show to the customer, and can boldly put forward the theme of food culture.

nine, cost to master, recommend

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