How to use the nternet store owner

in the era of the year, open an entity shop to make money, not only to face the competition with the industry brand, but also to face the competition of the shop, which makes a lot of shopkeepers shouted now business is not good to do. In fact, the store owner who can make good use of the Internet can also become a channel to make money.

Zhang is a baby chain store manager, the past year was the most difficult operations in one year; she faces two problems: one is next to the store opened a new baby shop, diverted a lot of members, resulting in a rapid decline in turnover; two brands, well-known brands the price is transparent, low margin, high margin own brand promotion, but difficult.

overall store turnover and gross profit margin is a downward trend is a small piece of the problem faced by some time ago.

Zhang in the acceptance of the Internet + concept, she actively explore the Internet as a tool for effective membership expansion.

she understand the network is not much, but the use of WeChat is easy; and she began to try to expand the channels as a member of WeChat.

she will try to own core members according to different hobbies built into a plurality of WeChat group, each group size is between 10-20 (in order to facilitate maintenance and association, she does not have to be built a large group); then every day through the WeChat circle to share each other about the pregnancy, parenting, infant feeding, disease and even tourism knowledge; we communicate with each other, mutual discussion; while allowing each member to introduce the 2-3 with the same hobby mom to join this group.

Zhang never released any ads in the group, but also prohibit the release of advertising in the group. Through her expertise to share and parenting questions, access to members of the group’s recognition, and win the respect of everyone.

gradually, group members begin by online communication into the shop to meet with her communication, consulting the relevant product selection and parental knowledge; through such channels Zhang management of the stores was a rapid expansion of membership.

by the WeChat group members to introduce a lot of customers to Zhang’s high degree of trust, which is also recommended for the new product and its own brand to help; to promote product become more simple and effective.

currently, Zhang has a 30-50 member of the WeChat group has 6, many of his clients are introduced through the introduction of the group and the group chat into the next line of physical store members.

is now responsible for the monthly increase in the number of members Zhang, and this part of the high loyalty of the members of the store sales also continued to increase >

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