Unpopular business also have business opportunities in the first year of harvest about seven hundred

business opportunities are everywhere, depending on whether you are good at discovering. A good at discovering business opportunities, often have more opportunities than others. Han Hongfa 18 year old began unpopular business venture, entrepreneurship in the first year earned $about seven hundred thousand. He set up his own company at the age of 20, two years later, the company’s annual sales exceeded 20 million yuan.

however, but few people know, two years ago to start a business in Han Hongfa, because not admitted to high school, and reluctantly was father sent to occupation secondary school, father suppressed in the village, Han Hongfa himself very inferiority.

Han Hongfa from is considered to have no future, to make a lot of people admire the successful entrepreneurs? This is also forced to talk about Vocational school.

2006 summer, my father sent Han Hong to the local vocational school to learn, want to let him learn a technology, after graduation to find a job. But such arrangements, but let Han Hongfa feel more inferiority.

2006 October, a weekend, Han Hongfa home from school, on the road met a few villagers, the villagers of the discussion, deeply hurt him.

after registration, Han Hongfa day and night in the school practice training workshop. The school’s training workshop inside the equipment, high precision, complete range, is a large number of local processing enterprises are not. Han Hongfa found that these devices in addition to teaching, many of the time idle. This allows him to see the business opportunities.

2008 years after the Spring Festival, Han Hongfa found the school, I hope the training workshop equipment spare time to use. Although some of the teachers are concerned, the principal agrees.

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