Venture capital investment into a gold project recommended

many people have always had a very good idea, but because of all kinds of concerns and can not easily try. Now women entrepreneurs have become a fashion in the moment, most of them prefer a small entrepreneurial projects, today we recommend a few good small investment projects.

simulation flower shop

in TV shopping more and more fresh stuff, but you really want to let people buy, they hesitated. 40 thousand do some small business good? Based on this situation, if rent instead of buying, open a household goods rental shop, its market potential is not small. 40 thousand yuan to do what business leasing of goods purchased from the "small" start, the purchase price of goods can be 100-300300-500500-1000 yuan and other stalls, according to the level of fees.

To purchase a

now in many big city, small town can also see a lot of two supermarkets, although recommended

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