Promoting college students’ Entrepreneurship and innovation to support college students in Luoyang

college students are a group of government at all levels of the most concerned about the entrepreneurial crowd. Luoyang launched a new entrepreneurial support for college students to finance the lack of financial support for many college students to provide intimate help.

The Standing Committee of the Luoyang municipal government recently held on

way to take entrepreneurs to spend money, business incubator money funds management mode: Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau and meet the requirements of the business incubator (including university science and Technology Park, a passenger space) signed a cooperation agreement, in line with the conditions of the Student Entrepreneur (team) into the incubator for entrepreneurship, innovation, the city according to the review to the entrepreneurial team venture issued coupons, and will support the funds allocated to the science and technology business incubator, Student Entrepreneur (team) with business vouchers and reimbursement vouchers to business incubator reimbursement.

1  funded content

to total funding for each state, entrepreneurial team of not more than 100 thousand yuan, mainly for the following expenditures: R & D expenditure; office expenses (including housing, water, electricity, communications and other expenses, the total should not exceed 10 thousand yuan); service fee (only issued to the team in accordance with the relevant provisions of the student entrepreneurs according to, not more than 1000 yuan per person per month expenditure, each team of up to 3000 yuan per month).

2  support object

to determine support object is to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation activities in the city’s Student Entrepreneur (team), and the need to meet the following conditions: college or graduate within 3 years of college students (including college students, undergraduates, graduate students, to apply for the date) founded the enterprise or the lead team to carry out entrepreneurship; work in the business incubator; carry out entrepreneurial activities should be innovative in the development of science and technology, business model.

3  carrier condition

to clear the signing of business incubators should have the condition: there is less than 200 square meters for entrepreneurial venues; the establishment of entrepreneurial mentoring system, business mentor of not less than 10; a roadshow, regularly organize projects and other activities; with not less than 2 million yuan of seed capital, and investment the seed enterprise not less than 2; in accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise and the team of not less than 10.

4  tolerant failure

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