Lin Qingxin Nurturing alma mater help entrepreneurial talent training

innovation and entrepreneurship is the premise that someone is prepared to say that there are talented people, then, want to implement the policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, first of all should do a good job of entrepreneurial talent training.

"I experienced a difficult stage of student entrepreneurship, know the importance of learning theory and practice of learning combination, so now want more and I hope to help college alma mater interaction, to cultivate more talents." Recently, at the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement in the practice base of Fujian Normal University, Fujian Special Arts City Jewelry Co., Ltd. General Manager Lin Qingxin told reporters.

students when the "jewelry store manager"

the new forest college marketing professional, third, affected by a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, he intends to start a business, is the choice of fast food and clothing industry entrepreneurs like other students, or another way? By chance, he learned that the crystal industry there is no small profit, according to a survey of University City market, raised fifty thousand yuan, in the school culture street opened the first store "red clay" crystal, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

The trademark was registered by  

is a blessing;

in business practice in two years, Lin Qingxin’s business is also fast, when he tried to register their "red crystal" brand, found that the trademark has been registered, their hard years of operation of the brand, but ceded to others, this let him heartache.


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