What are the parent-child reading business model

if you can let your children develop a good habit of reading in childhood, can help them to shape a calm personality, at the same time can lead to better learning ability, let them get more knowledge. Now read in person by the people in the market. Do you know how to run a parent-child reading?

what is parent-child reading?

parent-child reading, also known as parent-child reading. It is a book for the media, reading as a link, let parents and children of a communication form of reading, in reading, parents can transfer the right to life of children and values, children can also seek answers at the same time, more intimate with their parents.

parent-child reading library business model?

parent-child reading hall, is a new form of innovation based on the family parent-child reading mode. It has a variety of business models. So, parent-child reading library business model?

according to the small series of understanding, parent-child reading Museum mainly in service mode, in general, there are four kinds of parent-child reading service model.

1, book sent home service

for families with no free time, the parent-child reading hall will provide a book sent home service, the frequency of about once a week. This service model, eliminating the need for members to return to the book time. For busy working parents, is undoubtedly timely assistance.

2, reading guidance service

children under 3 years of age, is still in the ignorant period, most parents do not know what kind of book for children, or how to give the child to read. Faced with this situation. Parent-child reading hall will provide reading guidance services. Museum staff will teach members to choose books and reading skills.

3, level test service

according to the members of the study period, the knowledge, skills and use of reading, parent-child reading hall will be regularly reading proficiency test, to help parents understand the situation of learning and reading.

4, reading contest service

Reading Library to carry out the reading game, will be good for the children to create a learning atmosphere, help children to study, at the end of the game, the parent-child reading museum will elaborate prizes distributed, enthusiasm to increase children’s reading.

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