Small opportunities to get rich – poor people prefer the whole

who want to make money, who want to do business, however, there is no adequate capital and proficiency in a particular line, and so many "poor people" are not empty ideas into action. So what can the poor do to make money fast? What is the way to get rich for the poor? Do not know what to do poineering work? Moreover, there is no excessive investment funds, the greater the limitations of the project choice. Let Xiaobian to introduce some poor people prefer to get rich small road.

1, the rich get rich way: divorce company

in recent years, there has been a marriage assessment in Shanghai, a divorce company, specifically for couples who are divorcing. The company’s main business is to prepare for the divorce of the couple’s marriage assessment, provide legal advice, but also for people who just divorced psychological diagnosis.

2, the rich get rich way: voice beauty

traditional image of beauty has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern life, improve the voice is becoming the image of the pursuit of people. At present, in some places the emergence of voice beauty, mainly to allow professionals to teach people how to control and care for the sound. Such as when and how to deal with intonation, which should pay attention to the change of mouth, etc.. In the voice of the beauty of the customer to do, in general, presenters and students, teachers, as well as public relations staff.

3, the rich get rich way: home nurse

patients generally have to go to the hospital to complete the infusion, but now in some cities there are nurses on-site service. If you need a transfusion, a phone call will have a nurse immediately door service, their work is dedicated to the patient’s home infusion.

4, the rich get rich way: hour assistant favored

hour assistant service is mainly for professionals with a certain expertise set up. This employment channel adaptable, effective, once hired, as long as you can get a few hours of work, so very popular with young people.

5, the poor get rich opportunities: Community touted the elderly small table

Tianjin District Office of the homes for the elderly, the elderly small table every day to their homes for the elderly to participate in various sports activities, at noon or night in the nursing home meal, eat, play, and then go home to sleep at night. Only do not stay for the elderly community can not only get social services, but also to meet the aspirations of the family pension, but also to make their children feel at ease. At present, there are a large number of elderly people enrolled to become a mobile pension.

6, the poor man