Zhangwu county public space to help farmers Entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship to the grassroots level, so that more and more migrant workers are also involved in the wave of entrepreneurial innovation, so as to ensure the full development of the economy. Zhangwu county public space to help farmers entrepreneurship, truly implement the public entrepreneurship, innovation".

3 21, Zhangwu county public record space opening, the day has 3 enterprises in the promotion of product roadshow, entrepreneurship instructor and consultant site to the "golden ideas" for enterprise development, interested in investment from time to time to ask questions. One morning, a person reached an investment intent.

The two River Township

the expert way, and let the presence of Fuxin synergos education group, Zhangwu County spring company and other companies on behalf of investors interested in, a relentlessly asked Li Hui how much land, capital, if cooperation in what way to take. Just a few minutes of communication, the public creates space not only let Li Hui harvest how to make enterprises bigger and stronger, golden ideas, but also attracted investors’ pocketbook".

Director of bureau of employment and personnel services career guidance center

before entrepreneurship really city people play things, in support of policy constantly, constantly improve the policy, created for the rural people’s entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, people have entrepreneurial ideas, not to act in this golden opportunity!



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