Zhang Hongming 13th Five-Year Hangzhou will lead innovation entrepreneurship paradise

review during 12th Five-Year, Hangzhou innovation and entrepreneurship achievements are not good, multi-faceted and multi angle to strengthen the local innovation. Hangzhou sum up experience, the future, will continue to guide the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, to create a new paradise in Hangzhou.

"high level of the national high tech Development Zone and a provincial industrial agglomeration area, enhance the integration of science and Technology Park (zone), and strive to become a global influence" Internet plus "center for innovation and entrepreneurship." In February 1st, Zhejiang Province, the twelfth Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress on the six conference, Hangzhou mayor Zhang Hongming in the government work report pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" period, Hangzhou will take innovation as the core power to lead the development of the implementation of the "innovative new heaven" action plan, build innovation and entrepreneurship are China.

It is reported that

in "12th Five-Year", entrepreneurship and innovation has always been the original power of economic development in Hangzhou. Enterprises, schools, private capital construction of business ecosystem, and then injected with technology and the Internet and other factors, make Hangzhou become "off the record" chase of the holy land, also rolled out a "broad road China build innovation and entrepreneurship are" for the.

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