Ling ambition cloud power of innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hangzhou is a very beautiful city, but also a very good entrepreneurial city. Cloud habitat town is Hangzhou’s entrepreneurial paradise, for more entrepreneurs to create a very favorable entrepreneurial environment.

"Erlang mountain snow in succession, Zhuo Qionglu Cypriot rotary school. Do not wear the old clothes, old, more than Luoyang dust." This is one thousand years ago in the Northern Song Dynasty, Shen Kuo in his "dream pool essays" describing their use of oil scene. In this book, the people of Hangzhou Shen Kuo first proposed the term "oil".

Built in

cloud yunqi town

2 16, in town planning and construction work to promote the characteristics of Hangzhou site meeting, Hangzhou mayor Zhang Hongming awarded yunqi town "honorary mayor" for Wang Jian’s appointment, but "King mayor jokes is not good when the" mayor ".

it should start from yunqi town. Cloud habitat town is not the concept of the administrative sense of the town, but an industrial economic gathering area, known as the town. The town is located in the southwest of Hangzhou, Xihu District, is located in the core of the Hangzhou River National Tourism resort.

"location of yunqi town is the first town of Chinese entrepreneurship and innovation." Accept the central media interview in February 17th, Wang Jian to the presence of a rhetoric. Cloud computing as the core of science and technology, through the cage for birds, transformation and upgrading, cloud habitat town will be built into cloud computing big data and intelligent hardware industry characteristics of the town.

create "

Yunxi mode of government + enterprise + entrepreneurs"

yunqi town although developing rapidly, but is still in the initial stage, how to realize the "King mayor" proposed "innovation and entrepreneurship" the first town goal?

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