Look back on the long road of entrepreneurship bravado beauties Chen Lihua

since the Republic of China, women’s rights had not been so humble, women’s liberation, also appeared a large number of have the ability to have great knowledge of women, this is the mainland’s richest woman Chen Lihua and her entrepreneurial path story.

has a wealth of 34 billion yuan, she was reelected for many years, Chinese’s richest woman; she invested hundreds of millions to build a China largest red sandalwood Museum, to fill a gap in domestic museums; she’s the Changan club with a great reputation to attract a large number of private clubs become exceedingly wealthy men, she is the leader; Fu International chairman of the board of directors – Chen Lihua.

Chen Lihua, chairman of Fu International Group, China red sandalwood Museum curator. Eighth, nine, ten, the eleven CPPCC National Committee and the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, director of China Overseas Friendship Association, the China Federation of industry and commerce, China Institute of life honorary president, etc.. In 2012, he was selected as one of the 2012 most influential figures in the United states.

2012 Forbes global power women list seventy-ninth

2011 Forbes global power women list thirty-third

2012 Hurun list to 34 billion for the first time in the top ten

2012 in October 9th, the 2012 Hurun rich list of real estate in Shanghai, Chen Lihua to wealth of $33 billion ranked third.

2012 Forbes China rich list, the Chen Lihua family to 17 billion 640 million yuan ranked seventeenth.

2013 new fortune China rich list ranked 19 billion with Chen Lihua in the top twentieth.

2014 the world’s first self-made female billionaires list.

sought after by the media as the mainland’s first rich, Chen Lihua, young life is not satisfactory. Due to his poor family, he dropped out of high school and started a furniture repair business. Because she has a lot of business acumen and enthusiasm, the business is getting bigger and bigger, and soon she set up her own furniture factory. Later, with the help of relatives, Chen Lihua came to Hongkong from Beijing, through the help of social relations, engaged in real estate investment.

in Hongkong Chen Lihua dug the first pot of gold. That is the last century at the beginning of 80s, she engaged in the furniture business to earn money than Unilever purchased 12 villas, low purchase price shot, so a few rounds down, Chen Lihua has accumulated considerable capital. In 1988, the establishment of Fu International Group in Hongkong.


1989, she chose to go back to the North

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