The college students regard the farm as their starting field

now many college students after graduation have chosen home business, perhaps is to see the many advantages of rural entrepreneurship, rely on the farm to achieve their own business plans, it sounds unbelievable, but the students do.

29 year old guy Guo Kejiang in Puyang but even a province known to every family character, the poor in 2004, he admitted to the Central University of Finance and Economics County Arts champion. However, Guo Kejiang’s amazing move is more than that, three years after graduating from college, he gave up the superior work in Beijing, back home to grow vegetables, when the farmers, once again stir up a party. Now, he planted the seeds out of the way, has become known as the rich young man.

this piece of modern farm, is March 2011 by Jin Di village founder Guo Kejiang Fanxian paid professional cooperatives. In addition to vegetable greenhouses and pig farms, Guo Kejiang also cultivate landscape trees and cherries, apples, pears and other fruit trees more than 2 thousand. He also promoted the "pig biogas vegetable", "pig biogas fruit" ecological cycle model in his farm. His farming mode allows the villagers to open the eyes of farmers.

writing legend

was the entrance of fame, to grow vegetables once again stir

2008 years, four years of college graduate Guo Kejiang, into the industrial bank to do a financial planner, usually do stock trader hand. After working for three years, Guo Kejiang suddenly made a surprise to all the people to choose to recommend

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