Local specialty store Holiday Stocking should pay attention to the place

when we travel or go out to play, will buy a local specialty, in fact, these so-called product cost is not high, there is great interest in space, if you want to do business, to open a specialty shop is very good, so that stores need to pay attention to what place?

"to make bricks without straw." Hu said, as far as possible to find customer needs, mining market resources, reasonable, scientific supply of goods in order to be able to do in the hands of food, not panic. To the location of the store, depending on the surrounding consumer groups to determine the income of the grade, brand and quantity. This requires dealers in the daily sales to be a heart, which is the amount of walking, which is attractive, which is to make money, we must know.

"every year before the Spring Festival, is the best business specialty stores." Hu said that for local specialty stores, the middle of the year, as long as the intention to do a few key holiday sales, profit margins to maintain the normal operation of the shop is not difficult. But this year the situation has changed, from the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the situation, more than 200 yuan basically sell moon cake, but about $100 of the product market is still good." He said that in conjunction with the actual situation this year, mid-range, cost-effective products to account for about 70% of the entire volume of goods.

[] don’t ignore the weather on the logistics of the

"years ago two months is a local specialty sales period, so that it will start the delivery order." Hu Laojian

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