What are the current situation of foot market

foot care is a lot of friends are more concerned about the project, modern people are more and more emphasis on health, which provides a broad market for the health care industry. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce you to the health care market is a general overview.

first, the industry is becoming increasingly homogeneous competition

What is the current situation of

foot market? Even out of the street a 6-10 foot bath shop, the formation of vicious competition, decentralized passenger flow, resulting in a lot of business generally decline foot bath shop. Foot care to join, we found that whether it is such a big city in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or in the county town market, foot store with abnormal decoration luxury, even in Guangdong, Zhejiang Province town level foot club can open more than 2000 square meters, the decoration is not inferior to the five star hotel, richlink pedilivium, thousands of children the lotus foot bath, foot bath and foot riyoukou chain in the country began the expansion of the scale of development.

two, the service level is uneven, unstable quality of health care to join

What is the current situation of

foot market? The study found a very strange phenomenon, do foot in some stores, you can fall asleep immediately, and in some other stores do, how to press the foot will not fall asleep, which is encountered in the same brand chain stores in the. Foot health care to join the franchise like this, more store is also facing the same problem.

is one of the most famous foot chain stores in Yangzhou, for example, the owner of the shop decoration luxury, surrounded by the boss around the corridor with the stars of the group photo, what is the status quo foot market? When the feet is divided into senior, intermediate reflexologist reflexologist, trainee reflexologist three grades, foot care to join, and experience from a practical sense, the difference is not great, the quality of the industry employees is generally not high, the lack of professional training system caused by the.

three, revenue decline, the traditional model bottlenecks encountered

What is the current situation of

foot market? The traditional simple foot model has encountered the bottleneck of the development, operation methods and project a single, lack of comparative advantage, many years before the opening of the foot store is better, foot care to join, in recent years the widespread decline in profit, what is the core competitiveness of foot chain? How to build the core competitiveness, which has become the key to sustainable development where.

four, personnel recruitment and training problems to be solved

foot bath industry personnel mobility remains high, even on a street out of the 6-10 home foot shop, what is the status quo foot market? Foot massage is often over a period of time will be quit, has formed a habit, in addition to the treatment of employees, attitude, and store business also affected the trend of foot division, although each commission recommended

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