New Oriental network marketing is worth learning from

said the New Oriental, believe that the public will be thumbs up, now the network education just red, New Oriental also closely follow the development, launched a reliable online education system, and its online publicity work is in place, the market reputation didn’t say.

coordination management

"we are the first, after the company, as long as the first branch after the company enterprise will understand that despite the company issued instructions, but parts of love but they really lack of coordination, want to fight some of the benefits and resources for their own, want to make our to maximize brand publicity, thereby intentionally and unintentionally ignored the whole force and brand exposure," Kong Jianlong told the original primary problem encountered in the network marketing of new oriental. As is known to all, the network is unbounded.

At the New Oriental

so, at the end of 2010 the New Oriental Group to integrate all resources, launched a New Oriental network, other campuses around the country website can be found directly in the New Oriental online; at the same time, the network needs to promote the first campuses around the uniform reporting group, group play coordination role.

before, at site when mutual propaganda are want to put their own courses on the most significant position. Now on the group’s website may be the most important is the New Oriental winter classes. There are a number of key projects in the winter class, belonging to the group of strategic projects, such as the forthcoming collection of New Oriental teachers teacher accommodation class, but also in the group to push, push when the need for national network to promote this new Oriental brand, may think that this course has nothing to do with their own, they still want to push their winter vacation class.

focus on Precision Marketing

"line under the traditional media although coverage, but the accuracy, network marketing will be higher in accuracy, whether it is from the increased marketing effect, or from the recommended

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