Hunan humanities building to support college students entrepreneurship

although there are a lot of business does not need a professional shop, however, the need for physical shop as the basis of entrepreneurial ideas are also very much. If you want to make more college students to realize the dream of entrepreneurship, naturally also need to support the relevant entrepreneurship. The humanities building in Hunan to support the local college students entrepreneurship, so that college students in Hunan entrepreneurship profitable development.

humanities building grand opening, marking the joint venture to support college students entrepreneurship innovation work to a new level. The same day, founded by college students in Jiangchuan right Japanese cuisine, Feng Feng hot rice noodles and other 4 food stores open, the first batch of 22 college graduates employment.

humanities building is located in Loudi City, College Road, Hunan Hua Zhen trade group company invested 60 million yuan, the total construction area of about 7000 square meters, shopping and leisure, catering and entertainment, insurance, securities and other functions in one of the Traders Hotel, relying on Hunan Institute of Humanities Science and technology and around more than 20 thousand students to the university city life consumption, college students long as the starting point, as university life complex, unified planning, unified business, unified management, for college students to build a platform for innovation, become Loudi culture science and technology innovation Street beautiful landscape.

building as a Municipal United Front Work Department, City Federation of industry and commerce investment hanging point project, Waiyinneilian effect, has been the introduction of cheap supermarket delicacy, entertainment, e-commerce, education and training, health management, hotel chains and other modern service industry brand 21, in cooperation with Baidu Nuomi, Baidu takeaway, beauty group, business model innovation the integration of online and offline.

According to the Hunan

Hua Zhen Trade Group Chairman Huang Jijun introduced, the company has formed a strategic partnership with the Hunan Institute of Humanities Science and technology, will adopt a "zero rent" approach of the first arrangement of the 40 university students founded the studio and training classes, Zhijie, carried out on weekends when I come to the "boss" of college students love the night market "series of activities each year to provide internships, part-time job more than 300.

after investigation and evaluation, Hunan Institute of Humanities and science has been granted to the humanities building, university student practice base, college students incubator Park title.

with such a building support, coupled with the current government and universities to support the development of Hunan, believe that entrepreneurial career nature can usher in better, thus opening the Hunan new horizons of entrepreneurship students.

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