What matters to open chain stores

seemingly small profits, but small profits and quick turnover, slowly accumulated, but this is a huge wealth. For this reason, a lot of friends know the good profit of grain and oil stores, sales volume, in the latter part of the process of opening the grain and oil stores, but also earned a lot of money, so the idea of opening up more chain stores. This idea is actually good, open chain stores can reduce costs to some extent, such as we can place a stock, a number of chain stores, so you can maximize the profit of grain and oil stores.

early we introduced several liangyoudian open ways of making money, we all feel good, today we will open grain chain stores some notes on to give you some ideas to help you avoid detours, more money through liangyoudian open.

to open chain stores, the most direct question is how to compete with the store and shop? The normal retail price is higher, but the store has the strength to create a low price through the occasional low price to consumers caused by the illusion. Stores can also be a one-stop shopping convenience to attract consumers.

stores attract consumers through low operating costs, lower prices and convenience to consumers. Grain and oil chain stores can not provide one-stop shopping convenience, but also because of the image requirements and can not do a low operating costs. Grain and oil chain stores can bring to consumers?

first of all, the first impression of grain and oil chain stores to consumers is professional. Grain and oil chain stores can provide a complete range of cereals and oils. But this can not be compared to stores, stores can also provide a variety of items of grain and oil products. Some people may ask, the store can also provide baby supplies, but the baby supplies store why are everywhere? This is because consumers are highly concerned about the baby supplies, low price sensitive. Consumers don’t care about spending more money on young babies, only about getting the best products. But consumers on grain and oil products is a low degree of concern, high price sensitive, just the opposite of baby supplies.

The only competitive advantage of

grain and oil chain stores only in the service. GREE chain store is to rely on services to beat the store. Different from the general electrical products, air conditioning is only semi-finished products, installation service is very important. GREE air conditioning chain with professional services to achieve success. So, grain and oil chain stores to consumers what service? Speaking to consumers eat oil knowledge, I am afraid consumers do not want to listen to, do not believe. I can imagine the service is delivered to the door.

grain and oil products is characterized by a relatively heavy weight. When the network shopping just emerging, the city’s shopping website is the largest grain and oil products. Taiwan "plastic king Wang Yongqing early sell rice, rely on the observation of the customers home migang size to do business. There is a tea brand through the water station to send oil channel