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Woman seriously injured in Michigan City hit and run

first_img Google+ By Carl Stutsman – September 15, 2020 0 604 IndianaLocalNews WhatsApp Pinterest Google+ Facebook Woman seriously injured in Michigan City hit and run (Source: License: Michigan City Police are on the hunt for the person behind of an SUV that hit a pedestrian, and never stopped. The hit and run happened on Saturday just before Midnight in the area of East Michigan Blvd. and Warnke Rd.Witnesses say that the victim, a 46 year old woman, and another man were crossing the street when the SUV hit the woman and continued eastbound on Michigan. When police arrived the victim was unresponsive and had to be airlifted to the hospital for treatment.Police have not identified any suspects but say the dark-colored SUV should have front passenger side damage from the crash. Anyone with information is asked to call police or crime stoppers.Read more here with ABC 57 News Facebook Previous articlePolice: LaGrange County man arrested after shooting at imaginary peopleNext articleElkhart man arrested for confining and beating woman for hours Carl Stutsman Twitter Twitter WhatsApp Pinterestlast_img read more

Exploring from home

first_imgSimoncelli said she hopes the sessions have helped alleviate the burden of parents who are trying to balance working and taking care of their children full time.Harvard Ed Portal Mentoring Coordinator Ethan Davies, who manages the online programs and facilitates children with their Zoom calls, said the virtual transition was unexpected and challenging.“Transitioning to virtual programming came really quickly to our programs at the Ed Portal,” said Davies. “At the onset, I had some big questions about how our programming would fit into these new realities for families. I had no idea if they would be overwhelmed with the changes to school and family life, losing the capacity to engage in learning opportunities outside of the typical school curriculum. It has been really wonderful to see engagement continue in the virtual format.”Last month, elementary school students once again explored the art world, this time taking a virtual field trip to the Museum of Modern Art.Led by mentors Hannah Thurlby ’23 and Meiyi Yu ’22, the students shared their ideas about the paintings they viewed on through Thurlby’s screenshare.Students examined a picture of Nicola Lopez’s “BK” from Pulled in Brooklyn, then worked together to compose a poem about the painting and how it made them feel. Each student sent their stanza in the Zoom video chat, Thurlby and Yu combined them, and the students decided to title their collective poem “The Giant Painting.”They then worked together to write an imaginary story about another work of art, and used an online program called 3D Slash to make their own sculpture as a group.Thurlby said both classes have gone very well, though they require a lot of advanced planning to keep students engaged over video calls. Yu added that the programs give the mentors a chance to try new lesson styles. “Transitioning to virtual programming came really quickly to our programs at the Ed Portal. … It has been really wonderful to see engagement continue in the virtual format.” — Ethan Davies, Harvard Ed Portal mentoring coordinator A season for exploration “With the online field trips, it really brings something special to the program,” said Yu. “In person we do a lot of interesting learning and exploration, and with the online resources there are a lot of things to explore that we can’t see in person.”Despite the difference in format, Davies said he is pleased students are still enthusiastic about learning new subjects.“We are getting students enrolling in programs, showing up with a curiosity for learning that matches what we had in our in-person programming,” said Davies.More recently, Allston-Brighton students took a nature-themed trip to explore the world of birds. Students spent their time on the field trip identifying bird calls, learning about hummingbirds, watching birds on live cams and taking quizzes, while interacting with instructors both on the call and in the accompanying Zoom chat.On another trip, William Sutton ’23 and Andre Ferreira ’23 led a trip around the globe to visit five of the 10 wonders of the world, including Stonehenge, Petra, the Taj Mahal, Chichén-Itzá, and the Colosseum, using a combination of programs like Google Maps and AirPano to explore the sites.“This is our first real run-through, and I was pleasantly surprised at the kids contributing pretty well,” said Sutton. “The biggest challenge is making sure the students feel engaged. Bringing them in is a lot harder when they’re not in person.”Ferreira added that mentors are trying to maximize learning through the digital platform. Student mentors gain insights during sessions with their young charges at the Harvard Ed Portal Free Ed Portal series keeps young students thinking, engaged, and curious Related The lessons of teaching Administrators, professors detail many and varied ways Harvard is trying to help, including offering use of hotel by Cambridge first-responders, health care workers Allston-Brighton students have been able to travel around the world with no airline ticket required.Virtual field trips through the Harvard Ed Portal have taken youngsters to five of the 10 wonders of the world, shown them a hummingbird in action, and on May 26 they’ll be visiting Carlsbad Cavern — all without leaving their home.In March, many of the Ed Portal’s in-person programs were moved online. For Youth Programming, this meant finding a way to continue to mentor students and provide them with fun, engaging classes from afar.Just this past month, Harvard undergraduates hosted the first segment of the two-part series “Colors of the Rainbow Art Exploration,” where Allston-Brighton students in grades three through five explored how various artists use color in their work, how different colors made them feel, and experimented with using color in their own paintings.Zorayda Montemayor ’22 and Mika Simoncelli ’23 alternated sharing their computer screens with students and used the Google Arts & Culture Color Explorer to look at paintings that featured primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue.“As a mentor, art was the area I always wanted to focus on, so it’s been fun to plan around what I’m interested in,” said Simoncelli.The students shared how the colors made them feel when they looked at them, and how the each of the paintings portrayed different moods.“My favorite color is yellow, and it makes me feel warm,” said one student. “Light blue makes me feel like I’m breathing fresh air,” said another. Students also used the online tool Sketchpad to make their own drawings. “In person we do a lot of interesting learning and exploration, and with the online resources there are a lot of things to explore that we can’t see in person.” — Meiyi Yu ’22 University community rallies to deal with COVID-19 crisis “I would much rather be with the kids themselves in person, but I think that we are making the best out of it with Zoom,” said Ferreira. “Sometimes there’s tech difficulties, but I think we make the best out of it. I like to see when the kids are active and want to participate.”Upcoming youth programs include Shakespeare Takes the Stage, Explore the Animal Kingdom, and Spelunking Underground.“I have been so thankful to our undergraduate population of students who have continued to engage with Allston-Brighton students despite major changes to their own personal and scholastic lives,” said Davies. “I’m thrilled that our undergrads are continuing to virtually join us in programming as they have returned to their homes across the country. I think it speaks to their commitment to personal community engagement.”last_img read more

Six Companies to Watch in the Future of the Circular Economy

first_imgVoting for the Dell Circular Economy People’s Choice Award is open through January 17.The days of the linear economy are numbered. Businesses the world over are finding innovation and growth by striking out in a circular direction. More than simply doing “less bad,” we are seeing the advent of regenerative practices and net positive solutions – and that gives me hope.Many of the solutions follow the traditional bread-and-butter of the circular economy with a focus on closing loops and minimizing the creation of waste. Just this week, in fact, Dell announced its closed-loop gold program. We are mining “eGold” from recycled technology and sending that gold to our suppliers who will use it to coat components for new motherboards.In addition to the business benefits, the process cuts environmental impacts by approximately 99 percent compared to traditionally mined gold.This initial project will support the creation of millions of new motherboards in the next year, the first of which appear in the Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1, which we introduced at CES. This will complement our other projects that close the loop on plastics from e-waste, take advantage of recycled carbon fiber, or reuse ocean-bound plastics.As exciting as these programs are, I’m particularly inspired by the new circular approaches all around me, especially where technology is driving systemic thinking. The Internet of Things and big data analytics are reshaping our understanding of processes, identifying inefficiencies, and driving more integration and automation than ever before.We’ve already seen that circular can be good for our business and we believe the benefits will keep coming – for everyone. The key, though, is recognizing that business as usual will not cut it, and that we need to support one another’s efforts.That’s why we are proud to once again sponsor The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and Forum of Young Global Leaders, run in collaboration with Accenture Strategy. We were honored to win The Circulars Multinational Award in the program’s inaugural year and we have been involved since as sponsor of The Dell Circular Economy People’s Choice Award. This category, focused specifically on early-stage businesses leading the way to create new and innovative circular economy solutions, is unique to the other categories as the winner is chosen by public vote.So now it is your turn to get excited. There are some exceptional up-and-coming groups nominated. Voting is now live and this year is certainly the strongest selection of finalists we have seen to date.Check out their stories below:The FinalistsBanyan Nation | India | A plastics recycling company driving a more formal industryBanyan Nation is India’s first vertically integrated plastics recycling company, working with smart technology to formalize the informal recycling industry currently in place and using their own plastics cleaning technology to restore waste to near virgin quality. Banyan has recycled 7 million pounds of plastic, and integrated over 2,000 workers into their value chain.Bureo | USA | Turning ocean plastic and fishing nets into premium productsWorking in Chile, Bureo has launched a fishing net collection program with local fisheries to encourage collection, turning the waste into products such as skateboards and clothing. They are partnered with leading corporations, such as Patagonia, and to date have collected the equivalent of 4.5 million square feet of discarded fishing nets.InStock |Netherlands | A restaurant chain using surplus food for their menusInStock have three restaurants in the Netherlands, using surplus food from supermarkets and producers to prepare delicious dishes, in doing so breaking down barriers to food waste and growing awareness. InStock also create bespoke circular products, manufacturing beer and granola from food surplus. InStock has rescued 300,000 kilos of food since June 2014.Toast Ale | UK | Social enterprise using surplus bread to brew beerToast Ale is committed to tackling food waste by during surplus bread into high-quality beer. They are for sale in leading supermarkets in the UK and internationally. 100% of profits go towards organizations tackling food waste and to date, Toast has used 10.5 tons of surplus bread to brew 115,000 liters of beer.Vigga | Denmark | Children and mothers clothing subscription serviceVIGGA is a maternity and kid’s wear brand designed for a circular economy, offering high quality, organic clothes for a monthly subscription fee for babies and mothers. To date, VIGGA has circulated a total of 130,000 pieces of clothing, saving 13 million liters of water and 10 tons of CO2 emission in the process.Yerdle Recommerce | USA | Enabling fashion companies to buy back and resell clothingYerdle enables large brands to launch resale markets for their products by providing the platform, logistics and infrastructure for a marketplace. Secondary markets in fashion are growing rapidly, and Yerdle is the provider for brands such as Patagonia, Eileen Fisher and REI, reselling tens of thousands of items to date.To vote, please visit The Circulars website. The Winner will be announced on January 22 in Davos alongside the World Economic Forum. Voting closes January 17.This story shares one example of how Dell is committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet.We invite you to explore our FY17 Annual update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan at articles:Dell Design and Engineering Honored at CES 2018Circular Innovations Save Money, Save the PlanetHow Dell’s Addressing Responsible Mineral Sourcinglast_img read more

Chef Melkior Bašić predstavio Hrvatsku na Chefs World Summitu u Monaku

first_imgKao jedini predstavnik Hrvatske na Chefs World Summitu sudjelovao je mladi i perspektivni chef Melkior Bašić.Glavni chef a la carte restorana Alfred Keller Boutique Hotela Alhambra na otoku Lošinju, Melkior Bašić bio je sudionik panela pod nazivom „Divlja berba u okolnom području“. Najboljim chefovima iz cijeloga svijeta govorio je o autohtonom bilju i lokalnim namirnicama u kuhinji s obzirom na specifičan stil kuhanja koji njeguje. Uz chefa Melkiora Bašića, svjetski Appointment visoke gastronomije u impozantnom prostoru Grimaldi Foruma u Monaku okupio je 1500 chefova i ugostitelja iz 34 zemlje, više od 100 kulinarskih zvijezda te čak 150 ekskluzivnih brendova.U organizaciji Gault&Millau Croatia, mladi chef restorana Alfred Keller lošinjske Alhambre našao se uz bok vodećim svjetskim chefovima – Francuzima Regisu Marconu i Édouardu Loubetu, nositeljima čak pet Gault&Millau kapica i tri, odnosno dvije Michelinove zvjezdice te Španjolcu Joanu Rocu koji se može pohvaliti s tri Michelinove zvjezdice. Početak je to aktivnosti promocije hrvatske gastronomije i chefova u organizaciji Gault&Millau Croatia. Ovo je prvi put da jedan hrvatski chef sudjeluje kao panelist na ovoj kulinarskoj manifestaciji koja svake godine okuplja najbolje svjetske chefove okrunjene Michelinovim zvjezdicama, Gault&Millau kapicama i drugim prestižnim međunarodnim nagradama.”Filozofija moje kuhinje temelji se na kvalitetnim lokalnim namirnicama. Koncept počiva na tome da im tretiranjem i začinima koje koristimo uzmemo minimalno kako bi u konačnici svojim gostima osigurali maksimum okusa. Jasno definiran pristup hrani i prepoznavanje preferencija gostiju, uz neizostavnu kreativnost prilikom pripreme jela, garancija su uspješnoga rada.“, rekao je chef Melkior Bašić. Premda mlad, Melkior Bašić svoja radna iskustva u karijeri stjecao je u 96 kuhinja u Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu. Njegova specijalnost je u korištenju različitih tehnika, primjerice, minimalne termičke obrade ribe, janjetine i divljači s otoka Cresa, a kako bi se zadržala izvorna kvaliteta okusa i postigao gotovo savršen balans.Chefs World Summit 2017 održava se od 26. do 28. studenoga u Monaku pod visokim pokroviteljstvom  Nj. E. princa Alberta II. Ovogodišnja smotra najboljih chefova svijeta obogaćena je s 40 profesionalnih predavanja te zanimljivim kulinarskim radionicama, a prvoga dana Summita predstavljena je i lista 100 najboljih chefova u organizaciji magazina Le Chef.Related news: ISTRIA GOT ITS MICHELIN GUIDE<br />
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Freddie Ljungberg explains why Alexandre Lacazette was dropped for Gabriel Martinelli against West Ham

first_imgAdvertisement Lacazette was an unused substitute against West Ham (Picture: Getty)It was a controversial call to drop Lacazette and, although Ljungberg says the Frenchman is a ‘tremendous’ player, he says Martinelli’s ‘energy’ convinced him to make the change.‘Martinelli did amazingly,’ Ljungberg told the BBC.‘He is like a Duracell battery, he keeps going. Laca (Alexandre Lacazette) is a tremendous player but I had to make a tough decision.’In Ljungberg’s press conference, the Swede expanded on his decision and says the Brazilian’s ‘lack of fear’ was also a factor.‘Gabby is a fantastic player. He’s very, very young but he has that energy about him so he goes and goes,’ said Ljungberg.‘He has no fear, he just keeps going. It’s a pleasure to see him on the pitch and for him to have success today brings a smile to your face.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing ArsenalArsenal were as poor as they’ve been all season for an hour at the London Stadium but they went up a couple of gears after an hour against the Hammers.Nicolas Pepe scored his first league goal for the club when he gave Arsenal the lead and the Ivorian then set-up Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to score the third.Ljungberg insists he has no doubts over the forward’s quality but says he needs time to ‘adapt’ to the Premier League.‘People always ask me about Nico and I try to explain. He’s come from the French league into the Premier League, which is the best league in the world,’ said Ljungberg.‘It’s a lot faster, a lot harder. He needs to adapt. People put pressure on him but it’s not easy. What he did today was work really hard offensively and defensively and showed his quality. I’m so i’m really pleased for him. He was a big buy for the club and pressure comes with that as well so I think he’ll fall asleep with a smile tonight.’MORE: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reveals what Freddie Ljungberg told Arsenal dressing room at half-time in West Ham fightback Advertisement Gabriel Martinelli scored on his first league start for Arsenal (Picture: PA)Arsenal interim boss Freddie Ljungberg says Gabriel Martinelli’s energy levels convinced him to drop Alexandre Lacazette for the Gunners’ win against West Ham.The Gunners recovered from one goal down at the London Stadium with three goals in nine minutes after the break to record their first victory in the Premier League since October 6th.Ljungberg made a number of changes from Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat to Brighton, the biggest of which was dropping Lacazette to the bench to give Martinelli his first start in the Premier League in a move that pushed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang into his favoured central position up top.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe Brazilian had scored six goals in all competitions before tonight’s 3-1 win but he scored his first league goal when he grabbed an all-important equaliser after an hour played in east London.ADVERTISEMENT Comment Freddie Ljungberg explains why Alexandre Lacazette was dropped for Gabriel Martinelli against West Ham Sean KearnsMonday 9 Dec 2019 11:07 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link545Shareslast_img read more

Historic Queenslander-style homes ready for new owners to take over

first_img96 Stephens Street, Morningside.McGrath Bulimba selling agent Gemma Kunst said the sellers were empty nesters whose adult daughter had left home. “They have purchased a beautiful parcel of land in Stanthorpe and are in the final stages of completing their eight guest cottages for their country bed and breakfast …,” Ms Kunst said. 56 Brook St, Windsor.A near new build at 56 Brook St, Windsor will go to auction at 10am this Saturday.The six-bedroom, four-bathroom property was built in 2016 and features a self-contained and wheelchair accessible granny flat.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home3 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor3 hours ago56 Brook St, Windsor.McGrath Estate Agents — Wilston selling agent Craig Lea said the owners were selling the property and moving to another area to be close to their children’s schools. “They don’t require a house this large anymore,” Mr Lea said.The property, on a 708sq m block of land, features an outdoor entertainment area with a built-in barbecue and electric shades. 129 Ulinga Cres, Parkinson.After 15 years, the owners of this four-bedroom, two-bathroom home have decided to downsize to their retirement unit.Allen & Lee — Real Estate selling agent Mark Allen said the property at 129 Ulinga Cres, Parkinson was way too big for the couple. 65a Beck St, Paddington. 96 Stephens Street, Morningside.A transformed Queenslander of historical significance is one of many Brisbane homes to go under the hammer this weekend.Originally acquired in 1925 for the use as the Balmoral Fire Station, the property at 96 Stephens St, Morningside, is set to go to auction at 12 noon this Saturday. FREE: Get the latest real estate news direct to your inbox here. A sign at the entrance of the shed at 129 Ulinga Cres, Parkinson.Mr Allen said car enthusiasts, hobbyists, a home handyman, tradies, or business people would enjoy the abundance of storage on site.“It could be perfect for a grandad wanting his own shed — as the sign says ‘Pop’s Workshop, grandkids welcome, nana by appointment’,” he said.“But anyone with a young family looking for space and some room to spread out in the suburbs would be well suited here.”The property goes to auction at 10.30am on Saturday. 65a Beck St, Paddington.Young couples trying to get into the real estate should look no further than 65a Beck St, Paddington.The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is a colonial home with potential for extending the existing home or sitting on it as an investment property. 428 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo.This immaculately maintained 1920s family home, once a local doctors surgery, goes to auction at 11am on Saturday.The property at 428 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo is on a sloping corner block with dual titles.Place — Bulimba selling agent Amaya Brookman said the owner was downsizing. 428 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo.The three-bedroom, two-bathroom property goes to auction on Saturday at 11am.Original features within the home include restored timber accents, picture rails, stained glass doors, leadlight windows, bay window, and 9.5 foot high ceilings. 96 Stephens Street, Morningside.Ms Kunst said the home was purchased by the current sellers in 2002 and had significant renovations completed in 2003The three-bedroom, three-bathroom property has city views from the living room, and timber bi-fold doors out onto the large covered deck.There is scope to convert the property to a five-bedroom home. OTHER HOT PROPERTIES LISTED FOR SALE: MANSION WITH “WOW” FACTOR LANDMARK ESTATE FOR SALE VERSATILE POST-WAR ENTERTAINER 428 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo.Ms Brookman said the property would suit a family who wanted to have a large block for their children to be able to play, and perhaps do some renovations. 96 Stephens Street, Morningside. 65a Beck St, Paddington.Belle Property — Paddington selling agent Elizabeth Wright said there was the option to upgrade the property over a period of time.Ms Wright said the odd developer or renovators could be interested in the property as their next project.The property goes to auction at 10am on Saturdaylast_img read more

Golden Ray Salvage Operation Resumes after Storm

first_imgA Unified Command responsible for the response and salvage efforts for capsized cargo vessel Golden Ray has continued operations after they were previously halted due to weather conditions.The Hyundai Glovis-operated vessel started listing heavily after it became disabled on September 8. Of the 24 persons on board, 20 were evacuated immediately while the remaining four were extracted in a subsequent operation.A Unified Command, consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Gallagher Marine Systems, was formed on September 11 with the aim of ensuring the safety of the public and responders and facilitating the eventual salvage and safe removal of the vessel.After being temporarily suspended due to heavy weather from Hurricane Humberto, operations resumed in full on September 16, with teams deploying response equipment and continuing salvage operations.“We currently have approximately 160 local, state, and federal responders here to protect public health and the environment,” John Maddox, State On Scene Coordinator, said.The command said that no impacts on air quality have been detected to date, and a water-quality monitoring plan is being developed.Commercial traffic in the Port of Brunswick has resumed on a case by case basis.last_img read more

Zimbabwe’s ZANU PF wins 16 parliamentary seats

first_imgRelated Zimbabwe president blames dissident ZANU-PF faction for rally blast ZANU-PF says it will accept outcome of upcoming Zimbabwe elections ZANU PF has won all sixteen seats that were up for grabs in by elections held Wednesday. The elections were called after 21 opposition MDC legislators were recalled from parliament for splitting from the party Zimbabwe youth denounce Mugabe at ZANU-PF meetinglast_img

New and improved Ambulatory Care Unit and a Refurbished Dialysis Unit for PMH opened

first_imgLocalNews New and improved Ambulatory Care Unit and a Refurbished Dialysis Unit for PMH opened by: – December 7, 2011 Share Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img 256 Views   no discussions Patient on Dialysis machine. Photo credit: Health Promotion Unit, Ministry of HealthThe Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) can now boast of a new and improved Ambulatory Care Unit and a Refurbished Dialysis Unit which was officially opened on Monday.Acting Hospital Medical Director Dr. Ruby Blanc said the unit provides life saving care to those whose kidneys are no longer functional.The availability of these units as part of the services offered at the PHM positively impact on the country since they both directly facilitate quick return to productivity for patients accessing these services.She said further that the esthetically pleasing ambiance of both units provides an excellent environment for patients comfort and care.“I am confident that the medical and nursing care that the patients will receive in these two clinical areas will complement the physically satisfying spaces,” she said. Meantime Ward Sister of the Dialysis Unit Sharon Francis says currently, nine new machines have been installed at the unit providing services for twenty eight clients.“Despite the high cost of providing these services to clients, most of whom who are unable to meet the cost, the PMH has sustained the service for clients and patients in need of this treatment,” she said.Francis claimed that the workload and procedures at the unit have increased significantly over the years.She said challenges such as the inadequate number of machines and the frequent break down can now be considered a thing of the past.She also noted that no longer has the staff has to work long hours before treatment is initialed.“Presently the unit is staffed with dedicated nurses, all of whom received on the job training. We experience difficulties with some patients in terms of their attitude. We know the kind of impact such treatments can have on them so we continue to work with them” she added.A dialysis clinic has also been installed to further help patients.Dominica Vibes News Sharelast_img read more