Mbappé is seduced

first_imgMbappé is loved. The crack has the PSG renewal proposal parked indefinitely and has fed during this last week the hopes of Madrid of getting your signing. He has done it in the most effective way in this type of seduction game, which is with microphones in between. “If you are French, you grow up with Zidane as an idol, then it was Christian,” he said last Monday at the presentation of his foundation. An act in which the media were urged not to ask about their future. Mbappé, in its own way, could not resist the wink in the direction of the Bernabéu…It was not casual. Also during this week he has chosen two prestigious media (the BBC and La Gazzetta dello Sport) to expand that account of references for Madrid and Madrid. Not only does he “offer himself” as the star that occupies the place that Cristiano left (“I have to inspire my career, yes or yes, in him,” says Mbappé), he also suggests that talking freely about his future would harm PSG: “The interest of Madrid? Everyone talks about it, but I know it’s not the time. The decisive moment of the season arrives. Imagine that I answer the question and say something. Everyone will talk about it and it’s not good for the PSG. I want to help you, so it’s not good to talk about my future. “ Mbappé hila fino, and also weave messages for the white wardrobe. “I’ve always liked how Brazilians play,” he repeated in those same interviews. It is a Madrid dyed the color of the canarinha (Marcelo, Casemiro, Militao, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Reinier …) and, in fact, at the last Golden Ball gala the international was seen bleu in good vibes with Vinicius, a now personal friendship that was born through Instagram.Not only Vini I would receive him in Madrid with open arms. Zidane returned the compliment to his compatriot before going to Salamanca in Copa (“Now Kylian is the example”) Y Nacho, restrained footballer, he had no empathy in opening the doors of the Bernabéu: “Mbappé is a world top soccer player, I don’t like talking about players from other clubs, but if he throws winks we will have to be prepared in case he wants to come …”.Hazard’s roadmap …As long as Mbappé continues to make a renewal, the situation adjusts to the Madrid strategy. Florentino Pérez will not make any aggressive movement given his good relationship with the PSGThat is why on the noble floor of the club, Mbappé’s daring to leave the door open is positively valued despite the pressure he continually receives in Paris to renew. “It’s a roadmap similar to the one Hazard followed and ended here “, it is argued.The great figure of French football has the time in its favor. With 21 years almost recently (he did last December 20), his contract ends in 2022 and allows room for maneuver. If this summer there was no transfer to Madrid, I could wait until the summer market of 2021 and have the pan by the handle in front of the PSG, one year after being able to leave for free. That is why Mbappé is not afraid to show so much nod to Zidane and the white club. And that is good news in Concha Espina.last_img

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