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Achraf talks about his dream: playing in the first team of Real Madrid

first_imgOf course, Achraf did not cut himself when talking about his dream: play at the Bernabéu. “I always dreamed of playing in the first team of Real Madrid. It was always my dream to train with the best players in the world “, explained the defender Borusser, who also did not want to forget Zinedine Zidane. “It was he who made me the footballer that I am today. Is there anything better than learning from one of the best players of all time?”Zidane himself has also realized the evolution of Achraf and has him for next season. It will be in summer when coach and player make a final decision. There were even rumors of an alleged interest of Bayern, but in that case it would still be Dortmund who would have the pan for the handle. When agreeing on the assignment, the right match was secured, which obliges whites to inform him when he receives an offer from a third party by the player in order to overcome it. Achraf’s future remains in the air. In statements collected by DAZN, the former Real Madrid sideman made it clear that he still does not know what will happen at the end of the season, at which time he ends his assignment contract with Borussia Dortmund. “I do not know what will happen in June, we will talk about it in the future. At the moment I see myself clearly in Borussia Dortmund, I am very happy here and I still have four months of contract left,” explained the Moroccan international.last_img read more

Marcos Alonso, about Bayern a year ago: “I don’t know why anyone would go there to play”

first_imgHowever, this is not the most noteworthy of the Spanish side’s speech, which After learning about Bayern’s interest, he added the following: “Bayern Munich? We’re Chelsea, another great team. The Premier is the most competitive league in the world, I don’t know why anyone would go there.” Just over a year later, the team led by Hansi Flik swept the Frank Lampard with a 0-3 at Stamford Bridge, with double of Gnabry and Levandowski closing the win. Once again, the newspaper library is treacherous. In the winter market last year, Callum Hudson-Odoi was tempted up to four times by Bayern Munich. The English end I didn’t have back then with the leadership what did i expect in Chelsea, as he hardly played some FA Cup matches. This was the main reason he was waiting for the Teuton club’s offer to come to fruition and change clubs.In order to change his mind, Marcos Alonso alleged the following in statements collected by Sky sports: “Hudson-Odoi won’t find a bigger club to play than Chelsea. He is a great player, but he is very young. You need to be patient, hungry and fight for a place in this team. He has everything to be a great player, now it is up to him to fight for a place here or try to find more minutes elsewhere. “last_img read more

1×1 of Madrid: Courtois and Vinicius return the smile

first_imgValverde: A lung. Tireless in the round trip, he provided depth on the right wing, where only Carvajal was. It has become unquestionable for Zidane, who this time left Modric on the bench to make room for him.Isco: Something disappeared in the first half and very plugged in the second, where he touched the goal in two good actions. In the first Ter Stegen he took a shot looking for the squad and in the second Piqué cleared a header from his line. Replaced by Modric in ’78, the Bernabeu cheered him.Vinicius: It is still difficult to decide well in the last meters, although the imbalance it brings is key in this Real Madrid. He got the first white goal in one of his many internships. He did it with the help of Piqué (the ball bounced in the center), but he gave Madrid the victory.Benzema: He is still fighting with the goal in this 2020. In the associations he was well and he also emptied in the pressure to the Barça centrals so that they did not comfortably remove the ball played from behind.Modric: He played the final minutes and brought balance in the midfield.Lucas Vázquez: He barely had minutes, although it caused a dangerous foul on the front.Mariano: He went on the discount and scored after a good personal play on the first ball he touched. Impossible to take advantage of your opportunity. Courtois: Three fundamental stops in the first part, especially a hand in hand that took Arthur. He avoided that Barça got ahead in another outstanding performance.Carvajal: He improved after the doubts he left against Manchester City. Zidane left him the entire right wing and offered a very good level.Varane: Very complete meeting. Very fast to the cut and well in the exit of ball. Also, he was far superior to the Barcelona strikers.Ramos: Good game of the captain, who got along well with Varane and helped Marcelo on the left wing. He could score on a foul that crashed into the barrier.Marcelo: The big surprise of eleven. Still not regaining its best level. In defense he suffered and in attack was not decisive. In the second half an error of his was close to finishing in goal of Braithwaite. He made up for it with a key recovery before Messi minutes later.Casemiro: The balance of Madrid. Imperial. He was impeccable in the cuts, preventing the triangulations of Barcelona in the center of the field. Also very accurate with the ball on the feet.Kroos: Madrid improves with the German in charge of construction. He assisted Vinicius in his goal. He always offered support, alternated long and short game and delivered in high pressure, with several dangerous robberies.last_img read more

Jennifer Ellison-Brown: Factors affecting performance

first_img PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS Performances are snapshots of what is learned, combined with all the factors affecting us at the same time. Performance levels go up and down constantly depending on how we feel, the weather and interactions with other people. Everyone competes at different levels. The higher the level, the more important these factors become. Therefore, how well you perform in an event or any sport will depend on the following factors. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Skill: The more skillful you are, the more likely you are to perform well. Fitness: Once the physical fitness components are satisfied, the performance will be better. Physique: You will perform better at an activity that suits your Somatotype (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) Age and gender: If an activity depends on strength and speed, the performance will be better at 25 years than 40 years. However, for some activities such as golf age is less important than experience. Age and gender (whether male or female) affects your capacities. Natural physical capacities begin to deteriorate sometimes at age 25. Body composition: Carrying extra weight (over fat) is not good for performance. Illness and injury: Injury and illness can ruin performances. It is best to stay away from the activity. An injury will only get worse. Diet: Diet affects health, which in turn will affect your fitness. What and when you eat before an event will also affect your performance. Drugs: Some drugs improve performance in short term but have long term damaging effects. Athletes can be banned for using performance enhancing drugs. Socially accepted drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes impair performance. The Weather: If the weather is hotter, colder, windier or more humid than you are accustomed to, you won’t perform to the best of your ability. Change in weather may lead to change in tactics. Altitude: At high altitudes, the air is thinner so less oxygen is taken in with each breath. If the body is not adapted to this condition, you are likely to become breathless and dizzy. However, whereas long distance events are difficult to perform at high altitudes, performance in sprinting, jumping and throwing events are enhanced. Playing surface and equipment: Performance can be affected by equipment used and surface performed on. The need for special equipment can prevent some people from taking part, thus restricting their opportunities. Equipment changes as technology influences the design and materials used for increasing durability and performance e.g. boots are lighter and more flexible than before, Running shoes provide more support and protection in the ability to absorb and disperse shock. If you are used to performing on one type of surface, there can be a dramatic change in performance level if you have to adapt suddenly to another. The body and mind affect each other and the environment affects both. Therefore, all three combined will tremendously impact performance. If they are all at their best, optimum performance will be achieved. Personality: Some sports suit some personalities (introvert, extrovert). Everybody has their own distinctive character formed as a result of a complex unique to them and their personal history. Performance will be better in sports that fit personality. Motivation: This involves a sense of purpose, commitment and determination which comes from inside (intrinsic). Every performer needs this to do well. Sometimes the motivation comes from outside (extrinsic) and must be valued by the performer for it to have an effect. Arousal: There must be a general mental preparation to action, which is focused and sustained at the optimum point at which the performance is at its very best (psyched up). However, it is important to remain in control and not to pass the optimum level (psyche out) where performance declines under pressure (stress, worry, self doubt, anxiety). Stress: Any stressful situation ( injury, family issues etc … ) or other reasons than participation in the activity, is likely to impair performance.last_img read more

PPP urges Govt to “spare no efforts” in addressing hinterland floods

first_imgThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has reiterated calls, previously made by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, for the Guyana Government to “spare no efforts” in its response to the floods in several communities in Regions Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) and Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).Heavy rainfall, the main cause of the overflowing of the Chenapau and Ireng Rivers, caused severe flooding in the villages of Chenapau, Kaibarupai, Waipa, Sand Hills, Itabac and Kanapang – all located in Region Eight; while in Region Seven, the villages of Kako, Wowetta, Jawalla, Waramadong, Imbaimadai, Phillipai, Amakokopai, Quebenang and Purima have also been affected by heavy rainfall.GDF Engineer, Captain Daniel Seeram speaking with residentsThe PPP in a statement on Saturday, “calls on the Government to compressively address and efficiently and effectively manage efforts to address this natural disaster and meet the immediate, short- and medium-term needs of the villages and its residents.”The Party said it recognises the severity and extent of the destruction of personal property and belongings, crops and farms, community and public infrastructure affecting more than 3000 residents of the flooded villages. To this end, it will remain in touch with the people in communities affected and assures the residents that it will continue monitoring the situation.The bridge between Itabac and Kanapang was damaged during the floods“The PPP is hopeful that the flood waters will continue to recede, and, that the emergency response by the Government and its agencies to the flood affected villages will be stepped up so that they can return to normalcy as soon as possible. The immediate needs of the affected communities – clean water, food supplies, medicines and emergency health workers must be the focus,” the Party said.Moreover, the Opposition, in its call for preparations to commence for the rebuilding of the communities, noted that the Regional Democratic Councils of the two affected regions, and, the Toshaos and the Amerindian Village Councils must be fully involved and integrated in this response operation.Furthermore, PPP suggested that Government go to the National Assembly with supplementary requests to comprehensively address the level and breadth of destruction and its aftermath on these communities in the near future.Additionally, recognising climate change and more unpredictable and intense weather patterns will make many communities in Guyana more vulnerable, the PPP calls on the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to extend its disaster preparedness master plan and operational mechanisms to all the regions, and to respond more effectively to natural disasters such as this.Last week, two engineers from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) as well as technical staff from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) were deployed to conduct an assessment of the damaged roads and buildings and to facilitate water quality testing and set up purification systems, with a view to determining the long-term response that will be required from the State.The team has since completed the assessment and are in the process of preparing their reports for actions to be taken. This was done even as the residents have expressed their satisfaction with the response by the Government to their needs after last week’s devastating flash floods.Meanwhile, a team comprising representatives from the Ministries of Public Health and the Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs. As well as GWI visited the affected communities to conduct further assessments of the damages and impacts to housing, agriculture and water.Thus far, GWI said the water system in the community of Kanapang was reported to have been contaminated; with the water in the well now having a very discoloured appearance. The well at Itabac, on the other hand, is currently unserviceable as the solar panel, which powers the well, was struck by lightning during a recent thunderstorm.In the meantime, over at Region Seven, joint field assessments continue to investigate the level and extent of flooding, in addition to the impacts to the communities.While water has receded from some areas, mostly farmlands are still severely affected. Phillipai is reported to have experienced storms with very high winds during the previous period of heavy rainfall, which resulted in the felling of trees in the area. Additionally, the community has suffered several landslides, resulting in several trails through the village, being covered in slush.Reports were received that the airstrip in Paruima, which is approximately 60 feet above the normal level of the river, has been flooded. Additionally, erosion of the river bank has started to occur. The CDC however, has already deployed 142 relief hampers to its Forward Operations Centre at Kamarang for distribution to the communities even as it is preparing child-specific hampers for distribution to infants and school-aged children in the flooded communities.In addition, the RDC, which worked alongside the CDC earlier this year to complete the Regional Multi-Hazard Preparedness and Response Plan, has activated its Disaster Risk Management Committee and has been actively responding to the flooding in the area.last_img read more

John, Ashley lead quartet of Force Racing drivers in today’s finals

first_imgPOMONA – Father and daughter both delivered in perhaps the most dramatic and pressure-packed Saturday qualifying session since NHRA drag racing started at Pomona Raceway 47 years ago. That allowed the crowd of more than 25,000 and two generations of Force racing – John and Ashley – a collective sigh of relief. “It was painful,” Force said. “But you just put your foot down and go to get into the show. I just hate that number (the qualifying streak), it gets into your head.” Nine minutes later, both father and daughter were happy once again. Ashley improved her time to 4.790, a career-best, to climb to the 13th position. She dropped to 15th by the time the session ended. “This day has been so intense,” Ashley said. “It’s easy to say that you aren’t going to get nervous. I was so conflicted watching Dad in front of me. I wanted him to get in the show, but I didn’t want to get bumped out. “The numbers thing was in my head, too. Thankfully, everything worked out. It couldn’t have been any better. I’m glad all of us (John, Ashley, and Force Racing teammates Robert Hight and Eric Medlen) are in the show.” That was almost quite enough for John Force. “It’s just a great day, it means so much to put all four cars in the show,” said Force, the team owner. “It’s the greatest show on Earth and all I wanted was to be in the show and I wanted her to be in.” There is a drawback, however. Ashley will face brother-in-law Hight in the first round. “I’m excited to race against Robert,” said Ashley, who avoided a first-round match against her father when Scelzi and Ron Capps posted their final numbers. “The only thing I know is that for the first time ever, my little niece (Autumn Danielle) is not going to be rooting for me.” Dad is quite another matter. “I told Robert to go out and get her,” Force said. “She had to earn the right to race. I told her she has to go earn the right to beat Robert.” However, Force thinks his daughter has a very bright future. “She’s a trooper and smoked it right down the track,” Force said. “She’s learned the drill. Everybody out there wanted Ashley and me to qualify. I believe in the long run she’s going to be as good as me, a great star for the sport. “I took a chance and today she proved she can hold her own in a man’s sport.” And there are seven men who will be looking in from the outside. Chino Hills’ Del Worsham did not qualify for the opener, joining veterans Gary Densham, Tony Bartone and Kenny Bernstein on the DNQ list. “It’s unbelievable that we come out here and the same horror show we lived through last year is right back in my face, missing by inches or missing by a thousandth (of a second) or two,” Worsham said. “I know it was a big dramatic deal out there, with both John and Ashley Force having to bump their way in, but I have to say that the only drama I cared about was what was going to happen with us, and that drama ended badly.” Arend felt badly that Worsham, who gave him a job over the winter, missed the top 16. “I feel horrible for Del, and if I had any control over it I’d gladly take the DNQ on my side to let him race, but it just doesn’t work that way,” Arend said. “With this being the quickest field ever, it was going to be very tough on a few good teams.” Bernstein, making a return to the sport after a three-year retirement, ran 4.847, his best effort of the week, but missed Jim Head’s cutoff time of 4.795. There was a 0.103-second difference from first to last. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Facing the possibility of starting the NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Series season on the sidelines, both the 14-time champion and his 24-year-old rookie daughter qualified on their final attempts for today’s Winternationals. They will both be in the quickest 16-car Funny Car field in NHRA history. There were plenty of twists and turns in the fourth and final qualifying session, with six drivers bumped out of the field. Almost lost in the shuffle was Gary Scelzi’s run of 4.692 seconds at a sizzling 333.49 mph for the top qualifying spot. center_img Tony Schumacher remained first in Top Fuel dragster at 4.472, his third No. 1 spot at the Winternationals. Greg Anderson rebounded to take the Pro Stock top spot at 6.634 at a track record 209.04, his 52nd career No. 1 effort. Scelzi’s run, his first in a Funny Car at the historic track, was nearly an afterthought following the drama concerning the Forces. Ashley was on the bubble when San Dimas’ Jeff Arend ran a career-best 4.795. That run put the elder Force in a precarious position of extending his streak of 392 consecutive starts, the all-time NHRA record, and bumping his daughter. Much to the delight of the crowd, Force came through with a solid 4.709, advancing him from the 19th spot into second for the moment. Force eventually finished fourth. last_img read more

Everton legend joins Martinez’s backroom staff

first_img1 Everton legend Joe Royle has returned to Goodison Part as part of manager Roberto Martinez’s backroom team.The 65-year-old has been appointed to assist the club’s breakthrough academy and Under-21 players, and well also become a member of the club’s scouting and recruitment staff.Royle was a product of the Mareseyside outfit’s youth system and went on to score 119 goals in 275 appearances for Everton from 1966-74, before winning the FA Cup during his three-year spell as manager in the 1990s.Bringing through young players has been an area of strength for Everton, with England starlet Ross Barkley the latest off the production line, and manager Martinez believes Royle will be a valuable addition.The Spaniard told the club’s official website: “Everyone knows the incredible influence Joe has had at our football club, both as a player and a manager.“He is a true Evertonian and we all welcome him back to Goodison Park.“We are all very excited with the talent coming through in our academy and we pride ourselves on the work we do with the young players.“Joe’s experience and football know-how will be hugely beneficial for the youngsters at a key stage of their development. He is the first major change in our structure in player development.”Royle only took up a role as footballing consultant to Norwich manager Neil Adams in June, and he said: “I was happy with my role at Norwich City and wouldn’t have considered an offer from any other club than Everton.“It’s like coming home for me.“I made my debut for Everton as a 16-year-old so I understand what it means to be a young player coming through at this football club.“I’m looking forward to using my experience to help the players we have here.“I admire what Roberto achieved in his debut season and I am really looking forward to working alongside him.”Chairman Bill Kenwright added: “Joe is an Everton giant in every sense of the word and it’s great that he has come back home.“Developing more young players is really important to us and we know Joe will play an important role in helping us achieve these aims.” Everton legend Joe Royle last_img read more

Focused Proteas thump Pakistan

first_img11 June 2013South Africa produced a focused and intense performance when they most needed it to crush Pakistan by 67 runs in front of a lively crowd in an ICC Championships Trophy Group B match at Edgbaston on Monday.On a difficult pitch, in a game they had to win to keep their semi-finals hopes alive, the Proteas posted 234 for 9 after AB de Villiers elected to bat, and then bowled the Pakistanis out for 167 in 45 overs.With Graeme Smith, Jacques Kallis, Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel all missing the team was without four of its leading players, but Hashim Amla was still there and he delivered a man-of-the-match winning performance by scoring 81 off 97 deliveries with the bat.Superb bowlingRyan McLaren, meanwhile, continued to put on an excellent impression of Kallis by following up his unbeaten 71 against India with a superb 4 for 19 in eight overs with the ball against the Pakistanis.Pakistan’s fragile batting was once again their undoing. Of the South African top six, only David Miller missed out on reaching 20 (by a single run), while only two of the Pakistanis made it past 20. In fact, only four players in their entire innings hit double figures and those are stats that are not going to win any team many games.At the post-match presentations, captain AB de Villiers said: “A lot of things pleased me. I am really delighted. I thought we played great cricket against India and were so disappointed to come up short there, but it makes this victory so much sweeter.“We’ve got a lot of support from back home and to get a victory likes this makes it a lot better.”‘We performed really well’Summing up the team’s performance, De Villiers said: “We performed really well in all areas. We got more than 200 against a quality bowling attack on a tough wicket. Not a lot of teams would have achieved that, I believe, even though I believe we could have got to 250 at the end. It was still a good score on a tough wicket.“Then, the bowlers, bowling together as a unit today, and the three spinners bowling really well, was very pleasing.”De Villiers also paid tribute to fast bowler Chris Morris, who flew out to join the team after Morne Morkel injured himself in their first march against India. Sharing the new ball with Lonwabo Tsotsobe, Morris showed no nerves in his first one-day international as he sent Imran Farhat and Mohammed Hafeez packing with only 18 runs on the board. He went on to finish with figures of 2 for 25 in seven overs.SolidAmla, opening with Colin Ingram for the first time, gave South Africa a solid if somewhat slow foundation of 53 for the opening wicket before Ingram was out in the 15th over for 20.AB de Villiers and JP Duminy threatened later in the innings, but they were both run out, as were Chris Morris and Aaron Phangiso in the chase for runs in the dying overs of the innings.After Amla, De Villiers’ 31 was the next highest score, followed by 28 from Faf du Plessis. “The wicket was a bit difficult up front,” Amla said when he received the man of the match award.Pakistan’s bowling“Obviously they bowled quite well and as the ball got older the wicket turned more and made it even tougher to score,” Amla said. “Fortunately, we got a few mini-partnerships going and that managed to propel us to 230-odd.”Chasing 235 for victory, Pakistan never really got out of the blocks after Morris sent Farhat’s stumps flying in the second over.Misbah ul-Haq, as he had against the West Indies, played a captain’s knock and finished the top scorer with 55 off 75 balls, while Nasir Jamshed weighed with 42, but it took him 76 deliveries to put together.Opening the bowling with Morris, Lonwabo Tsotsobe showed a welcome return to form as he picked up 2 for 23 in nine overs, while between them, Aaron Phangiso, JP Duminy and Robin Peterson sent down 21 overs of spin bowling and claimed 2 for 93 at 4.4 runs per over.Last group gameSouth Africa next face the West Indies in their final group match at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff on Friday, and there was good news for the team ahead of the match.To cheers from Proteas supporters, skipper De Villiers revealed: “Dale [Steyn] will most probably be ready for the next game. We missed him the last two, but it’s great to see other guys step up and once we get that injection from Dale we’ll be an even better team and that’s exciting.”Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Is The iPhone Outdated? [Poll]

first_imgRelated Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement dan rowinski What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Earlier this week, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins called the iPhone outdated. Did he have a point?Speaking to The Australian Financial Review, Heins said, “The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about is now five years old.”It is hard to argue with that particular piece of logic. Yes, from a pure aesthetic base, the UI of the iPhone very much looks the same as it did in 2007. But the underlying operating system for the iPhone, iOS, has seen some fairly dramatic overhauling since the release of the first iPhone in July 2007. Apple released the App Store in 2008, unleashed voice activated virtual assistant Siri with the iPhone 4S in 2011, instituted deep Facebook and Twitter integration and killed off native integration of Google Maps in 2012. Certainly, Mr. Heins, the iPhone is quite different now than it was in 2007.Right?“Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market… They did a fantastic job with the user interface, they are a design icon. There is a reason why they were so successful, and we actually have to admit this and respect that,” Heins told The Australian Financial Review. “History repeats itself again I guess… the rate of innovation is so high in our industry that if you don’t innovate at that speed you can be replaced pretty quickly.”Of course, Heins has his own agenda. While dissing the iPhone, he is also schilling for his own brand-new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. “The point is that you can never stand still. It is true for us as well. Launching BB10 just put us on the starting grid of the wider mobile computing grand prix, and now we need to win it,” Heins said.The irony, of course, is that one reason that BlackBerry is in its own current poor position is because of lack of innovation and failure to bring new and exciting products to market. On the other hand, Heins may be a bit of an expert in the matter. As the CEO of BlackBerry (and the COO of Research In Motion before his ascension), he very well knows what it looks like when a company fails to keep up with the market and falls behind the curve.Many people feel that the iPhone has fallen behind the quality and functionality of Google’s Android operating system. Android has long had hardware capabilities that Apple has not deigned to provide, such as NFC, and has become both a creative and useful operating system. From resizable widgets to camera software to Google Now, many top technorati (such as former Apple shills Guy Kawasaki,Robert Scoble and Andy Ihnatko) have switched to Android because they find it to be more capable than the iPhone. ReadWrite’s consummate Apple fan, John Paul Titlow, believes that Apple next version of iOS needs to be a game changer or the bleeding will continue. With each upgrade to Android, iPhone owners laughed as the platform seemingly struggled to keep up with Apple’s bulletproof user experience. And for a while, it did struggle. But slowly, that changed. Next thing we knew, Android commanded 75% of the smartphone market. Today, instead of mocking Android, many prominent iPhone lovers are switching to Google.Of course, there are still lots of things to love about the iPhone. The industrial design is next to none (the iPhone 5 is truly a beauty). Its camera can go head-to-head with anybody on the market and its App Store still serves the highest quality of apps to the masses. We put the question to you, readers. Is the iPhone outdated? Take the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Image courtesy of Shutterstockcenter_img Tags:#BlackBerry#iPhone#Thorsten Heins Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

New Year gift for Maharashtra government employees

first_imgThe Maharashtra cabinet on Thursday cleared the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission for the state government employees with effect from January 1, 2016. This will mean a 23% hike in the salaries of around 20 lakh employees. As per the cabinet decision, an additional ₹24,485 crore will be paid in year 2019-20 in the form increased salaries, pension, HRA and arrears. Arrears from 2016The employees will get arrears from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018 which will cost ₹38,655 crore and will be paid from the next fiscal in five instalments over the next five financial years, the cost in each year being ₹7,731 crore. For pensioners the amount will be paid directly, but for those who are working, it will be credited to their provident fund and cannot be withdrawn for at least two years. For the remaining months of the current fiscal, the government will be paying extra ₹1,100 crore as increased salary and ₹440 crore HRA every month. From 2019-20, the government will be spending around 38% of the total receipts on salaries and pensions. Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar said that the State government had appointed a committee under retired additional chief secretary K.P. Bakshi to study the Centre’s module of salary grades. “Based on the report the State cabinet has sanctioned to implement the changes in salary grade, pension, HRA of the employees,” he said. The move is seen as the government’s effort to woo the middle-class in an election year as this demand has been pending for the last two years. Mr. Mungantiwar said that the government is positive about demands of each and every employee and each section will get its due. In the case of very old pensioners, instead of a blanket increase of 10%, the State government has made five categories (see box).In the case of HRA payment also, there are three categories — X (MMRDA, PMRDA), Y (Big cities) and Z (Rest) — with a payment of ₹5,400, ₹3,600 and ₹1,800 respectively.last_img read more