Zhengzhou ZhengXin chicken franchise

said chicken what join the project more fire, was ZhengXin chicken, as we see in the eyes, no matter where one can see the shopping ZhengXin chicken Home Inn, shop and video, to see to know, is the ultimate challenge in Huang Bo et al in the new position is to eat chicken. The ZhengXin chicken in the chicken industry. ZhengXin chicken as the hot to join the brand, is now all over the country, there are good in several stores, a 27 in the Plaza Dehua Street Shopping Plaza, opposite the Oscar studios in the people’s road to the East 100 meters away there is a store in Zhengzhou Wanda 27 there is a delicacy city. Is there a ZhengXin chicken franchise. read more

To learn how to adjust the mood shop


said that now people shop too many to count but everyone, attitude towards their career is not the same, as operators, also need to learn to adjust their emotions, to be able to better state to face shop management. Graduated from secondary school up to now, nearly ten years. Over the past ten years, I have worked as a security guard, worked as a salesman, and worked as an assembly line worker in a factory.

at the beginning, the feeling of the store is very boring days, and sometimes sitting in a cashier in a daze, do not know how to spend time, waiting for customers to come back to god. Real life let me burden more and more heavy, face less slowly past smile, there are several checkout time incorrect at a loss. It was not until I met the old man that the situation changed slowly. read more

How about the tea shop How to increase profitability

2016 how to choose catering business? With blank market opportunities, vigorously promote the spirit of these years, many investors recognized, so how to join the project management of tribute tea business success? Surely entrepreneurs in order to succeed entrepreneurship is to pay a lot of energy. There are many reasons for successful entrepreneurship, the ability to master the most important skills.

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Love fruit duck to enjoy the taste buds

we often see the street a shop area of dozens of square meters, but consumers can Everfount, queuing row like a long line. Do you also want to open a small shop like this, then join the love fruit duck duck. Love fruit duck duck, the taste of six days, to meet the diverse experience of the tongue, very refreshing! Fruit roast duck, high nutritional value, followed by court food skills, become a hot street, the court delicious".

what is the delicacy for diners to love so much? The reporter interviewed found: "I want a carbon Roasted Duck fruit, please hurry up, give me two bamboo chicken", "give me children, wait!" in Amy Roasted Duck carbon fruit shop, grand hot every day, the shop owner have been busy confused and disoriented, but still can not stop and rest for a while, more crowded, adults, children, and students and white-collar workers, called buy read more

How the United States after 90 girls become a start-up company CEO

90 started the stage, many 90 young, early can make a lot of achievements, while the American 90 girls early in the college have set themselves a grand plan of entrepreneurship.

in the second semester, Admiral eBay Erin in a $2000 Celine bag at a price of $3000 sold, with the proceeds of the money to set up ShopJeen, it was just a small shop selling jewelry.

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Thief + deep sea squid join headquarters one to one to support the market development prospects

with the development prospects of the food and beverage market is extremely hot, food and beverage investment business has become a good choice for many entrepreneurs to invest in the choice of the catering industry to create more wealth. It is because of this, more and more venture capitalists want to find a reliable food franchise brand. Today we recommend a small pay New Year’s call the thief + deep sea squid join is very good, because now the domestic market is still very blank, so the thief + deep sea squid to join the brand launched by the market, very popular. Join investment thief + deep sea giant squid, characteristics of the brand, more wealth. read more

Look back on the long road of entrepreneurship bravado beauties Chen Lihua

since the Republic of China, women’s rights had not been so humble, women’s liberation, also appeared a large number of have the ability to have great knowledge of women, this is the mainland’s richest woman Chen Lihua and her entrepreneurial path story.

has a wealth of 34 billion yuan, she was reelected for many years, Chinese’s richest woman; she invested hundreds of millions to build a China largest red sandalwood Museum, to fill a gap in domestic museums; she’s the Changan club with a great reputation to attract a large number of private clubs become exceedingly wealthy men, she is the leader; Fu International chairman of the board of directors – Chen Lihua. read more

How to repair the nail shop to attract customers

in the beauty industry, Manicure is an important part, a Manicure franchise market prospects continue to be optimistic, as operators, also need to understand the specific skills of shop from many aspects, do the preparatory work before the shop, how to create a good image of the shop is very important, this is an important guarantee to attract customers. How should a franchisee in order to attract customers?

nail shop nail color itself has been colorful, if the decoration of the color is still very dazzling, it will make people feel dazzling. Therefore, the color of the nail shop decoration should be less and fine, give people a fresh feeling. At the same time with the color of the surrounding shops, so that the overall looks more comfortable. read more

Small business popular small business to do what to make money

is now in the social life, some investment cost is relatively small but small businesses are welcomed by people, small business to do what little money? Cost ideas to help you know! Success, get rich quick, let’s look at.

select the location for the school, usually residential streets and other personnel, The stream never stops flowing. high density area is divided into several types according to different crude properties: read more

Health projects to join the popular business opportunities popular

now people are almost every day under pressure to live, and not only to deal with the work, life, heavy mortgage, car loan is a breath. A lot of people’s bodies are gradually declining, so health began to concern. This also makes a lot of health project development is booming, investment money king vast.

What are the

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Open clothing store location notes

in today’s economic conditions continue to improve, people with money to wear, their pursuit of high quality, the pursuit of fashion and individuality, the huge market demand formed, bringing a good environment for the business enterprise. Thus, a clothing store is still very profitable. However, to ensure the smooth operation of the store in the future, businesses in the shop site, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of issues, specifically what aspects? Take a look at the following introduction. read more

This form of food and beverage is quietly occupied fast food market

some time ago Kentucky emerge in an endless stream of health problems, because food safety is one of the topic of concern, so there will be a health problem such a serious blow to the fast food industry, leading to a foreign fast food brand sales decline is large, in this form, a new form of food and beverage are now increasingly eroded the fast food market, the is the supermarket catering.

according to relevant data, from the beginning of 2008, the sale of food and semi-finished food stores, supermarkets and supermarket formats in this category has nearly 30% of the growth performance. read more

The college students regard the farm as their starting field

now many college students after graduation have chosen home business, perhaps is to see the many advantages of rural entrepreneurship, rely on the farm to achieve their own business plans, it sounds unbelievable, but the students do.

29 year old guy Guo Kejiang in Puyang but even a province known to every family character, the poor in 2004, he admitted to the Central University of Finance and Economics County Arts champion. However, Guo Kejiang’s amazing move is more than that, three years after graduating from college, he gave up the superior work in Beijing, back home to grow vegetables, when the farmers, once again stir up a party. Now, he planted the seeds out of the way, has become known as the rich young man. read more

How to open a jewelry store promotion

as a jewelry store owner, to know how to operate more skills, not only to know how to purchase, but also know how to promote. In this way, in order to enhance the jewelry store business to a fiery degree, profit. So, how to promote and promote jewelry shop? Here are some suggestions to help you shop.

1 product promotion: shelf side put some relevant information on jewelry, especially the more popular jewelry. For example, the Tibetan jewelry can be placed next to the introduction of Tibetan culture, the convenience of customers to understand these new accessories. read more